Top 7 Social Media Growth Hacks Your Business Needs In 2023

Digital marketing is a proven solution for business growth. It lets businesses reach a broader audience base instantly. And it’s evident that the wider the reach with your ad campaign, the greater your prospect of success.


Social media plays a pivotal role in the growth of today’s businesses. With plenty of social media platforms and millions of active users, they have become a preferred avenue for businesses of all sizes. Marketers and business leaders keep looking for various effective social media hacks to ace their businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

So, what exactly are these social media growth hacks for businesses?

The term “social media hack” can be referred to as a set of rules, tactics, and strategies that help businesses snowball on a moderate marketing budget. Marketers with growth hacking mindsets are needed to grow the revenue and attract users to the website/app by quickly increasing the audience base on social media platforms.

According to Kim Garst — a noted author and online business strategist — successful social media marketing isn’t built on impressions but the relationship.

Social media profiles have changed drastically over the years. From a “nice-to-have” in the past, you need to keep abreast of the latest design trends to create a logo,  your social media cover image, and other social graphics attractive and memorable. You can’t afford to let any stone unturned when it comes to social media branding.

With nearly 4 billion people actively using social media networks globally, an increase of 10.9% year on year has become the most sought-after promotion destination for marketers. It’s evident that you reach around 4 billion audiences with your compelling brand message. And who knows, many of them can be your customers. So, it always makes sense to look for different social media growth hacks that help your business grow. We have rounded up a list of seven proven social media growth hacks your business needs in 2022 and the years to come.

Top 7 Social Media Growth Hacks your Business Needs in 2022

  1. Talk about the trending topics and be seen as a leader.

People web-search the burning topics to educate themselves about them. This gives businesses an excellent opportunity to attract potential customers. You should publish posts on hot topics with appropriate hashtags and engage more and more people instantly and hold for an extended period. But make sure the content you post is appealing and evokes users’ curiosity to contact your business.

Eye-catchy graphics play a crucial role in drawing audiences’ attention. So, you also need to pay considerable attention to them. However, getting attractive graphics requires you to hire a designer or agency that can put a dent in your budget; you can use DIY tools for graphics, such as Designhill, Zazzle, etc., that are absolutely free for use. And the best part of such tools is anyone can use them; no specific skills are required.

While publishing posts, you should behave like a leader. Be seen as an expert in the matter because follow such people on the web and consider the social media influencers.

Brian D. Evans, an angel investor, increased his social engagement by nearly 2500%  by utilizing this simple social media hack — be seen as a leader. He termed this “the simplest social media growth hack of all times.”

  1. Encourage people to share your content.

Even if your content is engaging and your followers are impressed by it, they may not share it with their colleagues and in groups. Instead, you need to invite people who liked your posts to further like and share your content. Add some CTAs (call-to-action) buttons that will remind your followers to share your content. They’re one of the essential elements of your web design.

However, this social media hack works only when you have a blog or landing page to share. Use CTA in your blog post and not on your social media page. Refrain yourself from begging for “Like” and “Share” as no one likes an “engagement beggar.” Always asking for retweets, likes, and to follow on social media is considered unprofessional.

  1. Gamification with social share buttons

The video game has been popular for years, especially among kids. Around 80% of US houses have a video game device. Even adults love playing video games. So, gamification is a sure-fire social media growth hack for businesses. It can do wonders for your business too!

For example, Dropbox — a leading startup, applied this technique. This popular gaming platform made sharing for users effortless. Also, they offered incentives to encourage referrals. In a very short period, Dropbox increased its sign-ups by around 600 percent.

  1. Stick to the social platforms relevant to your business

Today, there are plenty of social media platforms, each competing with one another. But not all platforms may be necessarily beneficial for your business. Each social networking platform has varied users, and they all can’t be your prospects.

So before you kick off your social media campaigns on any particular platform, you should first identify the user demographics on the platforms.  After that, compare this to the persona of your target audience.

Focus on the social media platform where your prospects spend their time; it would yield more results. For many businesses, Instagram and Facebook are sufficient. But when your campaign content is video-heavy, YouTube is your destination.

  1. Draw Inspiration from your competitors

Picking competitors’ brains and incorporates the strategies that worked for them in their own business is an effective social media growth hack.

 Research on their strategies—identify what worked and what didn’t for them. Find out what type of content on which social media platform worked well. Also, look for the posting timing and frequency they post their content and how they engage the audience.

Analyzing the social media strategies of successful players in your niche can help you better strategize your social media campaigns.  But make sure you’re getting inspiration from them and not blindly imitating them. 

  1. Reconstruct your social media profiles

Are your social profiles unprofessionally created? Are they look dull and don’t reflect your brand message?

If yes, it’s time to revamp your social media profiles. If needed, you should rebuild your brand logo as it’s the face of your business and must be attractive and memorable.

Your social profile page is the signage that your target audience will read as soon as they land on your page and connect with your company on the social media platform.

It’s also equally important to maintain the uniformity of your brand across the social media pages. Any conflicting information would give your audience a sense of unprofessionalism, and they may not engage with your brand. The uniformity of social media profiles will make it easy for your audiences to identify your brand and make their minds about your business instead of creating confusion.  That’s why you should fill out the profile data and then use the profiles to amplify your company’s message further.

  1. Put social proof, it changes buyers buying decisions.

Most customers check reviews and ratings before they proceed to make payment. They are important factors taken into consideration when a customer makes a buying decision.

In most cases, you look for a product or service because someone in your family, friends, or social media platform gives you positive feedback about that particular product/service.

So, it’s evident that if your brand is positively light on social media platforms, more and more customers will flock to your brand. A satisfied customer first convinces customers in their immediate circle. And this becomes a chain—working as a word-of-mouth marketing.

As per a study, about 88% of customers placed the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from the person they know.  Such customers become your brand ambassadors.

So, gather all positive remarks about your business and use them across your social media campaigns on a regular interval. But, unfortunately, satisfied customers usually do not come out automatically to review a product, even if they loved them. You will have to lure them for their reviews. You can begin referrals benefit campaigns that would make them write reviews.

If it’s done perfectly, you’ll be able to draw more eyeballs on social media platforms.


With millions of social media users, your brand’s increased visibility on social media platforms ensures your business growth. So, let your presence be felt on social media platforms. But it’s not a cakewalk. You need to strategize your social media campaigns.

If you’re worried about your social media campaign’s success, incorporate these hacks into your social media strategy. While it may seem quite challenging to stay connected to your community, especially during the corona crisis, when people maintain social distancing to curb the virus’s spread, these critical social media hacks would help you get connected.

Do you know any other social media growth hacks that worked for your business? Share them in the comments below!

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