How TooFav is Democratising Online Sellers in India

It is often said that it is wise to grab an opportunity as it seldom comes to your doorstep. Similarly, here the opportunity is TooFav, an online e-commerce platform built not only for fulfilling people’s needs at once but also with the vision of building a field for the sellers to grow their business conveniently.

E-commerce websites are striving more than ever. With each passing day, its importance is becoming more likeable to the global audience. However, when the notion is business, for varied reasons online sellers’ step back. There are a number of e-commerce sites existing today but issues like commission charges, payment cycle, on time payment, seller support etc. is hitting top at the complaint list. Keeping these scenarios into conscious, we have introduced a whole new e-commerce platform,TooFav in the city of joy Kolkata, where shopping is not the sole priority, instead, we provide open doors for entrepreneurs or sellers to sell their products to make some business. 

The e-commerce platform TooFav is built with advanced technology for both buyers and sellers to find and access as per their necessity. Research has notified it as evidence that since the year 2020, there has been a major fall of 75% in offline businesses and the rate is continuing to grow year after year. The current economy has stooped down which has significantly reflected affected many individuals and business owners. Analysing the situation, our founders have come up with a solution to provide the sellers with a global platform to set up or keep running their existing business. They have conceptualised the challenges such as getting a proper infrastructure, resources and investments the offline sellers have been dealing with and to eliminate these challenges and fulfil respective dreams. This gave birth to a brand business plan – with which anyone and everyone can do business with ease. Hence, we have TooFav. It has all under one roof – a structured website, flexible accessibility, easy navigation and most importantly back-end support. 

TooFav is an e-commerce platform augmented with keen knowledge and resources with targeted objectives of aiding sellers with an online marketplace without making a hole in their pocket. Its prime focus is on small to big merchants and traders from in and around India.

You must be wondering what is TooFav! The question is genuine and so we have got your answer.

About TooFav

TooFav is an online e-commerce platform with premium features for shopping and selling. Where most of the e-commerce websites in India keep their aim on making it shopping-friendly, here at TooFav, the company focuses on selling also, making an opportunity for the sellers to do a good profitable business. In India, it works and is self-sufficient to perform on a multilevel marketing model that significantly helps users to set up their business account online, without any physical presence. 

TooFav’s Mission and Vision

  • TooFav’s Mission Statement: The Company strives to create inclusive selling and shopping platform that will subsequently enable it to showcase its pride all year round. TooFav also embraces merchants or individuals or online sellers to work towards their passion for life and do transparent business without undergoing any hassle. The brand openly accepts its seller’s strengths and wisdom of experience, empowering them to march ahead with trust, reliability and confidence in the brand. 
  • TooFav’s Vision Statement: The brand, TooFav is going forward with the sole vision of taking the curve to build a seller community that will work efficiently with the company to facilitate their business niche in India, inspiring sellers to sell anything and everything eliminating the second thought. The company is highly focused on making TooFav the most compelling company in the 21st Century. 

By taking small steps, the brand is formulating an end-to-end solution for sellers and individuals. The reason for stating so is that be it shipping, selling or support, TooFav has all under the same umbrella. TooFav has quickly grown and will be growing in the near future providing enthusiasm to Indian global sellers. The most interesting feature of the e-commerce websites is everything can be managed with ease with a single click. However, it is considered that at some given point sellers while registering or uploading their products or payment issues or anything that comes along the road, TooFavhas a proficient support team to resolve all issues at once. As the brand promises, it provides A-class services with prominent adaptable features and this is what has made it what it is today! 

Earning More from the Right E-Commerce Platform

Sellers are continuously on the very lookout to earn profits. However, in the emerging market competition, the process of earning profits is interrupted as millions of other sellers can make that quick move to take the leading position. It is crucial to know that just registering as a seller is not enough! How will the people about your brand be among the fierce competition? In order to stand out, sellers must choose a likeable and reliable platform. TooFav is one of a kind that opens up obvious reasons for the sellers to join its community. The reasons are as follows: 

  • TooFav charges a ‘Zero’ penalty for the sellers.
  • It does not consist of any on boarding charges. 
  • It implies a ‘Zero’ commission for products ranging below Rs. 500. 
  • The team provides support around the clock. 

TooFav Helps to Expand Sales on a Larger Scale

The key to any business is having a customer base and an online marketplace or an e-commerce Website with which the global audience can be reached. It is always secure to have a reliable platform to work with as the extra costs of website maintenance get eliminated which is a huge profit on the first hand. TooFav is a website suiting your needs – a readymade platform, overwhelming to sellers that they have never explored before. Thus, it is a brand which holds the capability to transform sellers with a competitive advantage. 


As the e-commerce industry is striving, it is creating a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs or sellers to make abundant profits and grow their existing or new businesses while making their name in the global market. 

Raaj Kumar
Raaj Kumar

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