Brilliant Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

Even though glass bottles and jars are 100 percent recyclable, the United States discards over 11 million tons of them each year. Glass can be melted and reused indefinitely because it has an infinite life span. Make use of your empty bottles like a custom milk bottle and jars in your own home rather than sending them to a recycling facility.

You can get a wide range of sizes and shapes when it comes to glass jars. They come in all shapes and sizes, including blue and clear. Glass jars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and hues. They’re everywhere, abundant and limitless in their utility.

Try some of these upcycling ideas instead of tossing them in the recycle bin. Continue reading to discover creative and entertaining ways to recycle glass bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes.

1.  Freezer Containers

Many glass jars are frequently used in the freezer. Simply ensure that the jar has enough “head room” to avoid breaking. In addition to the last of your garden green onions, you can also have a few jars of chopped up and stored bell peppers from a few months ago. Just make sure the caps are a quality product of an automatic snap capping machine to avoid any leaks and spills.

2.  Herb Garden

Get creative with some of your larger jars and grow some herbs in your kitchen. For kitchen herbs, the jars should last a long time because they don’t grow large or have a large root system. Fill the container three-quarters of the way with potting soil, then plant the starter herbs or their seeds. Place some rocks in the bottom for drainage.

3.  Gifts

There are a plethora of gift-in-a-jar recipes to be found on the internet. Dry ingredients for a variety of baked goods, such as brownies, cookies, and oatmeal, can be kept in a glass jar. People often search for delicate and luxury rigid box manufacturers to present something. Well, you can decorate the jar and add a label with the directions at home. Friends, neighbors, and school personnel will appreciate receiving these as gifts.

4.  Sand Art From Recycled Containers

You’ll be prepared for a rainy day with a supply of colorful craft sand and glass bottles. This project doesn’t have to be limited to sand. Get your creative juices flowing by adding layers of glitter,  pebbles, buttons, and other fun stuff they find.

5.  A Herb Garden That Is Self-Watering

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs but lack the space or know-how to grow them in a backyard garden, there is an option for you. Repurposing glass bottles as self-watering planters is another option for reusing them. Using one of these methods, you can cut your bottles in half. A small piece of screen and some thick string are all you need to get started with a simple windowsill herb garden.

6.  Sweet Candy Jars

Simple canning jars can be transformed into classic candy jars with a can of silver spray paint and some wooden knobs. The candy can be used as a centerpiece for a candy table at a birthday, wedding reception, or another special event to satisfy your sweet tooth.

7.  DIY Wall Mounted Storage Solution

Reusing glass jars in a more ambitious way can be accomplished with a hammer, leather strips, 14-foot boards, and decorative furniture tacks. These wall vases are ideal for storing everything from office supplies to kitchen gadgets and even flowers and candles.

8.  Decoration For The Dining Table

Place a decorative jar in the middle of the table, filled with items that go well with your dining room or kitchen decor. Alternatively, you could use the jar as a vase and bring in fresh flowers for the table.

9.  Drinking Glasses

Is there a party going on? Bring out your glass jars instead of disposable cups. As long as it is easy to drink from, you can use a variety of sizes and shapes. This prevents the waste from being disposable, and it would give a table a unique look.

10.              One-Stop-Shopping

Bring your own containers if you have access to a bulk grocery store that permits doing so. Glass jars can be used to store any type of dry or wet ingredient.

11.              Tissue Holder

Cut a small hole in the top of a jar with a thin lid. Put tissues in the jar after making sure it is smooth. You’ll have a glass tissue holder if you poke the top one through the hole!

12.              Holders For Toiletry Items

Using a few glass jars to organize your bathroom vanity is a stylish and cost-effective option. Makeup brushes, cotton balls, and Q-Tips can all be stored in these containers. Even in your medicine cabinet or vanity drawers, smaller jars can be used.

13.              Candle Holder

Make a room feel cozier by lighting votive candles in the holders. Metallic paint can be added to the jars for a little extra glimmer or left clear for a more natural look.

14.              Spice Racks That Take Up Less Space

Store your spices in repurposed baby food jars or other small containers. Purchasing spices in bulk will allow you to free up a significant amount of space in your pantry. Plastic spice canisters can stack, but this is not true of jars, which are more stackable. It’s also easier to fit measuring spoons into jars!


How about recycling some plastic bottles now that you’ve learned how to reuse glass bottles and jars? Or perhaps you’d like to know how to save and reuse water? We hope you loved these ideas.

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