ySense Review – SCAM or Legit Survey Site for Earning Cash?

ySense Review: Everything you Need to Know about this Money-making Site


If you are fond of making money online, you might have heard of Clixsense. Why only hear? You may have used it too. Clixsense has been a popular paid-to-click (PTC) site since 2017. In 2019, it was rebranded as ySense. The ySense is now mostly known as a survey site. You can start making money online through these sites. It is not that bad to earn a bit of extra money by doing tasks online and participating in surveys. This article is going to discuss all whereabouts of ySense. Also, it will focus on describing the pros and cons of the site. It will help you to get a detailed review of the site.

What is ySense?


Every time you mention a money-making online site, people think about the possibility of it being a scam. And the concern is justified. With the rise of the internet, many fraud websites have emerged. However, we can assure you that ySense is a genuine PTC site where you can earn money participating in surveys. It also asks you to do little tasks online, and as a reward, you get paid. The YSense is a company supporting market researchers worldwide. When you participate in a survey, the businesses get to know about you and your demand. In return, they pay you a certain amount.

How does it work?

Market research is essential for any business. The success rate of the companies largely depends upon market research. Therefore, gradually, market research itself has become an important business.The ySense works based on this market research strategies. First, an individual has to sign in here. Then, it asks you to take part in various surveys and online tasks. In return, you receive money as a reward. You can work quickly from anywhere and earn money with it. The steps of registration and making money here are as follows:

  • Go to their website, and you will find a box asking for email ID and password.
  • Enter your email ID and password.
  • Then, click on the “join now” button.
  • With this step, you can enter into their site.
  • Once you enter, you will receive a verification request.
  • Verify your email and complete your profile page. Fill in necessary details accurately.
  • Then, you can start the surveys and perform the online tasks given on the site.
  • Your cash rewards are collected in your ySense account.
  • Finally, get the cash withdrawal. You can withdraw your money through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon gift card, and Reward link Italy.


The Online Presence of it:


As it is just two years old in the market, it does not have much online presence. Even its official Facebook page has only 62 likes. But the Facebook rating is not everything you look at when you are reviewing the quality of a site. For a proper ysense review, you may have a look at other factors. It is a part of Prodege LLC company, a renowned company featuring own multiple brands. The company also has its own legit LinkedIn profile. So, these factors add some positive points to the ySense review.

Different ways of making money with ySense:

The ySense gives you multiple opportunities to earn. They include:

  • Participation in Surveys: You receive survey questions depending upon your demographics. You have to answer them to make money.
  • Get-Paid-to Offers: Such offers ask you to test products and services. Also, you can watch videos, download apps, and perform other tasks.
  • Complete micro tasks: You can here find small tasks like Google search or categorizing images. Complete them to get a reward of money. Also, ySense gives a bonus for completed works.

Some words on ySense review:

As we mentioned earlier, it is still new in the market. So, you will not find many reviews and ratings for this. Neither feedback nor complaints are there. However, there are some factors to help you to get an accurate ySense review.

BBB Rating:

Yes, ySense itself does not have any BBB rating yet. But Clixsense had a good rating. Although there are positive and negative feedbacks, Clixsense took the effort to answer the complaints. Also, they resolved the issues at the earliest. This attitude signifies its credibility.

FaceBook reviews:

The official Facebook account has no reviews or feedbacks yet. But we researched it a bit further. And our research found few popular groups and unofficial pages of it. Those helped us to frame the ySense review. The significant number of active members and their discussions present it well. Also, the unofficial pages have good feedbacks for it. Some complaints regarding management issues are there as well. But that cannot overpower the comprehensive positive responses. Most of the users are happy with its service as an improved version of Clixsense.

What I conclude:

First of all, ySense is not a scam. It is a legit website to earn online. Now, how far is it better than other money-making websites? Why should you go for it? Well, everything has its pros and cons. The ySense also is in no way different. But I feel the pros of it are enough to subdue the minor cons. Let’s discuss a detailed ySense review to know more about it.

The Pros:

  • The customer support team is 24*7 available to respond and address your issues.
  • The payment process is smooth. You can expect the payment within five days.
  • You do not have to pay to join.
  • It offers lots of opportunities to earn.
  • It is a simple site connected with other legit reputed sites.
  • The ySense allows you to earn extra money through weekly contests and daily bonuses.

The Cons:

  • Qualifying for the surveys is sometimes challenging.
  • It is tough to make a full-time income out of it.

So from this ySense review, you can see it is good enough to start making money online. Though initially, you cannot make a full-time income, it will lead to more extensive prospects. You can start your own online business in future. Anyways, considering the benefits, I recommend you to go for it.


Is there any age restriction?

Yes, to join this site minimum age limit is 13 years (if you live in the USA) and 16 years for people from other countries.

How much money can I make through it?

As we said, it won’t make you rich. But definitely, you can earn a handsome amount of money out of it. The earning depends on multiple factors. The factors are:

  • The number of hours you spend on ySense
  • How many tasks you perform here
  • The types of offers
  • The demographic of the user
  • Your number of referrals

How does the weekly contest work?

The weekly contest runs from Monday to Sunday every week. The ySense gives money to the top active participants for the contest.

Why was my account deactivated?

There are many reasons for the deactivation of accounts. Having more than one account can close your accounts forever. Also, ySense can close your account for suspicious clicking and searching. Do not think of using bots, software etc., for answering the surveys or performing the tasks. The ySense authority is clever enough to identify it and deactivate your account. The site has specific terms and conditions. Violation of them may lead to the closure of accounts.

Bottom the Line

So, this is a detailed ySense review. I hope this review will prove to be helpful to the readers. The ySense review includes all of the necessary points you need to know about it. So, understand the details, clear
your doubts, and start earning online.

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