7 Best Kids Cycle for Your Boy & Girls (3 to 9 Years)

Best Kids Cycle Review & Buying Guide

I love being a kid again. When I was a little kid, I used to be an absolute expert at cycling. But as years passed by and my needs changed, there were very few things that had not changed in comparison to how we used to ride when I was younger.

There comes a time when you just can’t stand using your old bicycle anymore. That’s when you may have to think about buying a new one. If you’re planning on starting cycling with your kids in the near future, then it makes sense that you would want your child to get something that will help them develop the right skills and save them some money at the same time.

That’s exactly why here are some of our picks for best kids cycle to Buy Online together with some additional information you need before looking for that perfect bicycle for your children

If you’re looking for the best kids cycle to buy online, then you’ve come to the right place. I have reviewed a number of products and can help you pick out the right one or make sure your search ends up in the right place.

Here is Top Rated Kids Cycle Review:

Lifelong Mybuddy Cycle 16T with Support for Boys and Girls

Lifelong Mybuddy Cycle 16T with Support for Boys and Girls has been designed to develop a child’s motor skills, balance and coordination. The bike is suitable for kids aged 4 to 8 years.

This Kids Cycle is designed with a comfortable seat, high handlebars and training wheels for erasing the fear of you to get on your feet.

Bike TypeKids Bike
Age RangeBig Kid
ColourSea Green
Wheel Size12 Inches

Leader Kids Buddy 20T Inches Carbon Steel Frame Cycle for Unisex (5 to 9 Years)

The Leader Kids Buddy 20T Inches Carbon Steel Frame Cycle is a great kids cycle for child riders who are learning to pedal. The molded plastic seat and handlebars make riding this bike safe and comfortable for kids of all sizes.

This classic-style kids cycle is built to last with a strong steel frame that’s sure to withstand the scuffing and tipping children can give it.






Speed Bird 14-T Robust Double Seat for Kids Boys Bicycle

Speed Bird Double Seat for Kids Boys Bicycle Baby Cycle for Boys & Girls Aged 2-6 Years helps your child to learn balance and coordination, improve seat posture and maneuverability as well as enhance their sense of responsibility.

The double seat design offers both sides and makes it easier to climb on board very quickly. This bike is fun, safe, durable and made of high-quality material that will last long enough to get multiple uses

Bike TypeKids Bike
Age Range3-6 YEAR
Number of Speeds14

HERO CYCLES Recreation Champion Cycle for Unisex Kids

The HERO CYCLES Recreation Champion Cycle is a fun, safe way for kids to travel and build confidence. The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to assemble, allowing kids to get it up and running in no time. And with a narrow seat design, there’s plenty of leg room for your little number one fan.

Children who have outgrown their cow-tired two-wheelers are able to enjoy their newfound freedom in a safe and fun way with realistic training features on this all new model from HERO.

Bike TypeKids Bike
Age RangeKid
Number of Speeds1

Beetle Panache 20T Kids Cycle with 12 Inches Steel Frame for 6 to 10 Year

The Beetle Panache 20T Kids Cycle is a sturdy, durable pedal cycle with 12 Inches steel frame and various accessories. This bicycle is built to last and suitable for children 6 to 10 years old.

Beetle Panache 20T Kids Cycle is a great way for your child to have fun, practise balance and coordination, strengthen their muscles, improve coordination and strengthen their body.

Great for kids getting started on riding, this bike is designed to inspire confidence in children. You’ll love it too!

Bike TypeKids Bike, Fixed-Gear Bike
Age Range (Description)6 – 10 years
Number of Speeds1

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Jazz Kids Bicycle 

The Tiny Toes Jazz Cars are one of the most popular styles from R for Rabbit. These push bikes feature a lightweight aluminum body with a 14″ x 1.75″ steel frame, grip shifters for easy control, coaster brake system and unique knobby tires that make it easy to ride in any terrain.

It’s a classic! The Tiny Toes Jazz Kids Bicycle is designed for little feet, with a lightweight aluminum frame and non-slip rubber grips that are easy for kids to grab onto. Plus, the aerodynamic styled saddle makes riding an easier feat than ever before.

Bike TypeKids Bike
Age RangeKid
BrandR for Rabbit
Number of Speeds8

KidsROAR Cycle for Unisex Kids (2 to 7 Years)

This KidsROAR Cycle for Unisex represents the best value in kids cycles. It features a lightweight alloy frame and magnesium rims for superior durability and rust-free performance. The rear shock absorber absorbs small bumps, making it ideal for riding on uneven pavement, gravel and wood chip paths.

KidsROAR Cycle for Unisex Kids (2 to 7 Years) with Alloy Magnesium Frame is an amazing balance of durability, strength and safety.

Its beautiful design and functionality ensure that this bicycle comes at a very competitive price point

Bike TypeKids Bike
Age Range 2 to 7 Years
Number of Speeds1

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the best kids cycle to buy online in India, parents have a lot of options to choose from. This is understandable because there are so many different brands and types of bikes on the market. However, all these cycles can seem very confusing if you have no idea what all the different features are and which one will be best for your child So, I have created a list of the Best Kids Cycle To Buy Online In India which I think will help you. Thanks for reading this post!

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