Bionic WP Review: A Detailed Study of the Web Hosting Service

If you are looking for a premium word press hosting service for your business you are at the right place. BionicWP provides the best web hosting service for businesses including startups, small-scale businesses, and large empires. It is an all-inclusive word press web hosting service that provides fully managed hosting, content and code edits, and white label support.

When people are getting tired of scammer web hosting service, Bionic WP is a properly managed web hosting service. With exceptional site management and maintenance features, it stands out from the crowd of the multiple traditional web hosting services. This is a detailed BionicWP review 2021 which focuses on all of the major aspects of the web hosting service provider. Go through it and find everything you need to know about this web hosting service.

What is BionicWp


BionicWp is a truly managed web hosting service that provides the perfect WordPress platform facility to freelancers, agencies, businesses, and so on. It was launched in Ranging from updates, backups, to speed optimization, security, every necessary feature is available in it. It is well-known as a hyper-optimized WordPress hosting 2021. 

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BionicWP Pricing:

BionicWP offers you a well-managed service at a reasonable price. The price largely depends upon which features you are adding to it. Usually, it costs $27.5 per month or per site. The common feature of advanced security is available with it. If you add other features, the price range varies. Now, let’s know what is in the bucket with this price range.

bionicwp pricing

The Features:

The essential features of this WordPress web hosting service are:

  • Hyper-optimized hosting
  • Off-site backups for 90 days
  • All kinds of updates including core, theme, and plug-ins
  • Daily scan for malware
  • Security against hacking
  • High-performance CDN
  • Proper Staging Environment with SSH access
  • Free trial
  • 90+GTmetrix
  • White label support
  • Speed Monitoring per week
  • Unlimited WordPress site edit


Why Choose BionicWP?


Good Uptime

A significant factor for choosing a web hosting service is Uptime. The better the uptime is, the better the service will be. After testing for many months, it is confirmed that the uptime for BionicWP does not go below 99.99%. So, that is a good thing to start with Bionic WP.

High Speed

After Uptime, the next big thing that you need to deal with is the speed of the server. A slow server leads to general UX trouble and drives away traffics from your site. BionicWP offers a GCP cloud infrastructure with an average TTFB of 190ms. The optimization tools make BionicWP fast and robust enough. With load impact tests, it is found that BionicWP works well even in heavy traffic.

Excellent Support

Bionic’s support is impressive. It has an efficient support team with dedicated and well-trained members. If you chat with anybody in the team you will find how polite and knowledgeable they are. The support system excellently guides you about the platform and all of the supported technologies.

With all of its exceptional features, BionicWP is efficient enough to go in parallel with its strong competitors like Bluehost. Now let’s get into the pros and cons of the web hosting service.

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The Pros of BionicWP:

Despite being a newcomer, BionicWP has exceptional advantages that help it to compete with other established web hosting service providers. The pros of this web hosting service are:

  • Simple and easy-to-use: It offers you a simple design customer dashboard that is user friendly. You will find all of the necessary account details and billing status in the BionicWP control panel. Once you launch your first website, you can get to manage tools for everything including backups, CDN, SSL certificates, and various other technologies.
  • High-Security levels: The security level is good enough to give a tough competition to other web hosting services. It is protected from all kinds of security threats including SQL injections, cross-site scripting, man-in-the-middle attacks, and so on.
  • Daily backups: For any web hosting service, back up is the most important thing to take care of. It helps you to restore your data when your site faces any issue. Bionic WP runs auto-backup service and the backup versions stay available for 30 days.
  • Hassle-free Migration: Migration of sites is easier with BionicWP. It is a truly managed service that offers migration for an unlimited number of sites. You can go for migration while launching your website. Even if you are on a free trial, it transfers your website. Thus, you can compare the performance of your site on BionicWP with your existing platform.
  • Good speed optimization: The speed test for BionicWP brings out a good result. It runs the website at high speed. Instead of traditional virtualization, BionicWP uses LXD containers. These containers are scalable and secure. They are quick to deploy and migrate. The server stack includes the Nginx web server that is combined with FastCGI. It makes the platform flexible and fast even when it delivers static content.
  • Unlimited free trial: Most of the web hosting service providers offers limited free trial. But with BionicWP, you can get free wordpress hosting trial to use it unlimitedly for one site. Well, you can run the site in a staging environment only. For adding domain names and bringing traffic, you have to switch to a paid subscription plan. However, BionicWP offers you unlimited time for testing. You can test the performance of your website on the platform as long as you can.


The Cons of BionicWP:


Along with innumerable advantages, BionicWP has few drawbacks. And to use the web hosting server effectively, you must know about the cons as well. It will help you to avoid possible glitches.

A newcomer in the field: Though it cannot be considered a con, it is a significant factor to look into. As a new provider, BionicWP cannot offer you a track record which is important to assess the possible growth and development of a service provider.

Alongside this, BionicWP has not rolled out all of its proposed features yet. Well, it is a long way to go. And with its promising features, BionicWP will surely establish itself as the best wordpress web hosting service provider 2021.

Overage fees: BionicWP has a strict visitor cap in its plans. And if you go over your resource allotment, it will charge you overage fees. However, your speed will not get affected. Also, you will not find any HTTP errors.

The case of Overage fees is not a serious con but still, you must pay attention to the traffic to avoid extra charges.

Requires updates: The web hosting service provider needs an update to validate the information. Some of the existing information is confusing. Firstly, the side footer says that the backup length is 90 days whereas the backup versions remain for 30 days. There is some other confusing information regarding migration and other things as well.

Undoubtedly, BionicWP is a reliable WordPress web hosting service provider. With updated information, it will get better than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Does BionicWP do all of the site edits?

Yes, BionicWP handles all of the site edits including switching out images, changing content, etc.

Is BionicWP better than other web hosting services like Bluehost?

Every hosting service provider has its positives and drawbacks. Though it is a new one, BionicWP is definitely one of the best wordpress hosting services 2021. And it in some cases beats the competitors as well. Go through its features to know more about it.

What are the payment options for this web hosting service provider?

BionicWP accepts both Mastercard and Visa credit cards. For payment, you have to use its payment gateway. If you want to use another payment gateway, it is better to consult with its support team for a hassle-free transaction.

Bottom the line

Considering all of the factors, we can conclude that BionicWP can be a good choice for WordPress web hosting. It is highly scalable and has enough advantages. Though it has few drawbacks, the benefits overpower the odds. So, contemplate on the factors and get ready to start your website with BionicWP.

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