Ezplan App Review: Is this SCAM App ?

Whats is EZPLAN ?


EZplan is a sustainable cloud computing server project which has been developed and managed by the Innovation department of Alpha Inc, a prestigious IC design house specializing in the design, research, development, application, and marketing of integrated circuits. Been around for already 3 years, we utilize the latest cloud technology and the function of “The Internet of Things” to improve the operational efficiency of idle resources, creating new revenue streams through digital transformation.

In the three years of the trial run, the cloud computing server project has been operated smooth and stable. By serving the We Media content creators and advertisers, we have also obtained corresponding revenue beyond our expectation.

To expand the program, we decided to launch EZplan, a plan committed to providing varied types of innovative products to serve both the We Media content creators , advertisers and of course, our investors as well. We will gratitude every investor of ours by a stable and sustainable return we guarantee.

Alright… Simply put, for members in this app, you are able to achieve :

A.For new members
Double your deposit in 30-40 days by purchasing any of the C-series packaged plans we serve at “Feature” area homepage.

B.For VIP/regular members
Double your earnings ( Investment Return or Referral Income ) in 15-20 days by purchasing any of the M-series packaged plans we serve at “Faster Return” area

C.For promoters
Obtain passive income by inviting your friends to earn. It’s a 3 levels commission of the referral you bring to us. And time goes by, you may get a considerable referral bonus caused by a “Chain Reacion” since we will provide every referral of yours with our best service!

Here’s how it works at EZplan:

Ezplan Investment

Select any product at “Featured’ or “Faster Return” → Click “Buy Now” → Check “Orders” → Get Daily Income → Withdraw them all daily

Get Referral Link → Spread the link → Go to Check “Referral Income’ → Withdraw when above 100rs

Withdraw Info:
Processing Time : 7 × 24h
Min: 100rs
Arrival Time : FAST AS SPEED LIGHT for 99%
Tax or Hidden Fees: None

Can I Earn Without Investment ??

Reffral prgram

Have you thought of earning money without any investment?

If yes then, you have the biggest opportunity to earn lot of money just by referrals.

Ez apps Cares everyone if you are doubtful about investment no problem make other to invest and earn thousands of money everyday

Some updated FAQs at EZplan:

1.Can I buy the product more than once?
Of course you can. EZplan is always welcome on all kinds of purchases. You are free to keep multiple orders, same or different, serving you at the same time.

2.How long does it take for a sign up bonus order?
It’s 200 days serving time, yet not giving too much daily income since it’s just a small welcome gift.

3.How can I make sure that my recharge is successful?
Please go to your “Orders” page to check the product you paid for just now exsit or not. If it’s there, it means you’ve got it with a successful recharge. For a small probability case, you might miss it in the orders. In such case, you shall enter “Payment Record”page and upload a payment proof. When the payment is confirmed (normally within 10 mins), it’ll be made up there.

4.What is the referral bonus?
You get your commission 8%+3%+1% from 3 levels immediately everytime your referral makes a payment at both Featured and Faster Return areas. And It always happens that your referrals make furthur purchases due to EZPlan’s high quality service.


EZplan SCAM App ?

YES ! this is a new fraud app , I Joined recently this and invested some money but Now i am facing withdrawal problems. This app is not giving withdrawal , i m sharing my screenshot below. 

Ezplan Froud app  


We request to all my readers , Please Don’t Invest Money in this fraud app.  

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