Hostgoi Review 2020 : See Pricing & Features Before You Buy

Hostgoi Reviews 2021:   Pricing & Features

As we know that human tendency is to find the product or services at the cheapest price with maximum features and qualities. So, today we have brought the reviews Hostgoi which is the hosting provider company.

What is Hostgoi?

hostgoi - India Web hosting Company

Hostgoi is the India based Hosting service Provider company. Natan Ray is the CEO and founder at Hostgoi Technologies (2018- present). Its head office is in Baikur, Gourgram, West Bengal.

They provide you the high-quality web hosting, speed, security and customer service. It has invested huge amount in hardware and software technologies to provide you better performance of your website.Hostgoi’s main focus is to achieve just a one second load time for websites. It gives security by executing web application and network firewalls.

It gives you free and daily backups so that your data is safe. They provide you unique technical support than ant other hosting provider company. It gives you 24/7 support for all kind of issues you are facing. It provides the full range of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. Just like Bluehost.

There products and services include free setup, free installation of softwares which are absolutely free.

Products offered by Hostgoi:


  1. Domain Search
  2. Domain Transfer
  3. Domain Pricing

Web Hosting:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting


  1. VPS Hosting
  2. Dedicated Servers


  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Backups

Full Details of HostGoi Products Or Services.


  1. Domain Search:

Here you can search a number of domain names and find the best and appropriate domain name for your website.

  • Domain Transfer:

This is a type of facility offered by Hostgoi where you can transfer your domain name to Hostgoi from another domain provider and you can ask them to manage.

  • Domain Pricing:

They are having amazing pricing for domain starting from $6.29 and you can get domain name extentions such as .com, .xyz, .in etc.

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is a type of service which helps us to serve website throughout the world. Web host company provides us the space on their server for using it. Web hosts also provide data center space and connectivity to the internet.

Hosting services can be classified into:

Smaller hosting Services which includes single website hosting.

Larger hosting Services which includes unlimited website hosting.

hostgoi pricing

  • Shared Hosting: (Starting at $9.95/month), Sale price from $ 2.95/month

You know what does sharing means. Here, lots of websites located on the single wed server connected to the internet. It is very convenient option for hosting as overall cost of   server is shared over many customers, Here, user gets a section to host their website. Shared hosting can be used to host a hundred of user at a time.

It has 3 Plans:

SWIFT($9.95/month) Sale price($2.95/month):

It is a basic plan which includes single website hosting, 15 GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, 1X power.

DRIVE($14.95/month), Sale price ($4.45/month)

This plan is suitable for your website growth. This plan includes unlimited webhosting, 25 GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts and 2X power.

TURBO (Starting from $19.95 per month, sale price $5.95 per month:

This plan comes with advanced power and gives you flexibility and performance with the minimum budget.

This plan includes unlimited webhosting, 35GB SSD disc space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited e-mail accounts and 3X power.

Every shared hosting plan comes with:

  1. 1 Free domain
  2. E-mail protection
  3. FTP Access
  4. Unlimited Band width
  5. 99.99 uptime
  6. cPanel
  7. DDOS protection
  8. Free SSL
  9. Multi code Support
  10. One click apps
  11. Daily backups
  12. 7 day money back
  • WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is known for its simplicity. As WordPress is hassle free from constant updates. So, usually people prefer WordPress hosting. It comes with the single Press install, you can log in, build and edit your website as you want. It provides you higher level of security and speed which you can’t get in any other hosting plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans:

SWIFT($9.5 per month), sale price($2.95 per month)

This plan comes with one WordPress install, 15GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, 25000 monthly visitors and 1X Power.

DRIVE($14.5 per month), Sale Price($4.45 per month)

This plan comes with unlimited WordPress installs, 25GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, 50,000 monthly visitors and 2X Power

TURBO($19.95 per month), Sale Price($5.95 per month)

This plan comes with unlimited WordPress installs, 35GB SSD disk space, unlimited data transfer, 10,00,000 monthly visitors and 3X Power

Every WordPress hosting plan includes

  1. 1Click WordPress
  2. 1Click Staging
  3. 99.99% up time
  4. FTP user access
  5. Free Domain
  6. DDOS Protection
  7. 24*7 site monitoring
  8. GIT pre-installed
  9. Daily Backups
  • Reseller Hosting:

It is a type of Web Hosting where the purchaser or account holder has the authority to use his/ her drive space to host others website. In other way we can say that the account holder can give permission to use drive space to host website for the third party.

Here a person purchases the services in bulk and resells them to the customers to earn profit.

hostgoi reseller review

Reseller Hosting Plans:

THINK($17.95 per month), Sale Price($14.35 per month):

This plan comes with 40cP accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited e-mail accounts and free WHMCS license.

BUILD($30.95 per month), Sale Price($24.75 per month):

This plan comes with 60cP accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited e-mail accounts and free WHMCS license.

GROW($40.95 per month), Sale Price($32.75 per month):

This plan comes with 100cP accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited e-mail accounts and free WHMCS license.

Every reseller plan includes:

  1. cPanel and WHM
  2. Free Domain
  3. FTP access
  4. Unlimited Databases
  5. e-mail protection
  6. 99.99% up time
  7. DDOSS protection
  8. Free SSL
  9. Multicode Support
  10. One Click Apps
  11. Daily Backups
  12. WHMCS license


  1. VPS Hosting(Starting @$35.97 per month):

Full form of VPS is Virtual Private Hosting. It is a private server on which you have total control. Having VPS Hosting gives you some resources such as RAM, CPU, etc. to your account. It’s just like having your own private space but it is virtual.

On this private space you can install your preferred operating system and work with total freedom.

  1. Dedicated Server (Starting @$97.30 per month):

A dedicated server is a type of hosting service in which the whole server is leased to the client and not shared with anyone. The organization or the person has a total control over the server. He can choose whichever operating System or hardware he wants to use. Dedicated server let you to take total advantage of all resource (RAM, Storage and, many more).

Other Services:

  1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate:

It is an internet security protocol which ensures high degree privacy, data integrity and encrypts data across the web. It helps verifying that your data is not misused or tempered before reaching someone.

  1. Website Backups:

Website backups is the copy of all the important stuff within your website. It includes your databases, images coded files, videos and many more. In some instance if you lose your data then you can use these backup files in place of original data.

Features of Hostgoi:

24*7 Support: If you need any kind of help, they are here 24*7 to help you. They have a great support team which will help you to come out of any type of problem regarding website.

Easy to use: They have very easy to use, friendly designed cPanel tools. You can install various apps within one click.

Cloud infrastructure: Their cloud infrastructure is built with latest hardware and software which ensures the ultimate performance.

Security: Hostgoi keeps your data safe. It provides total protection against hardware malwares.

99.99% of time: Hostgoi face rarely downtime. They guarantee you 99.99% of time for your website. It means that your website will be available all the time.

FAQ about Hostgoi:

Q. Is there any contract period?

Ans– No, there is no contract period as such. You can choose monthly or yearly plan whichever you want & you can cancel it any time but refund policy is not applicable for prepaid one.

Q. Are there any additional charges?

Ans– No, they provide you 100% transparency. There are no hidden or additional charges involved.

Q.Can we upgrade account in the future?

Ans– Yes, you can and you just have to pay the price difference between the newand the old plan.

Q.Does Hostgoi have any money back guarantee?

Ans– Yes, these all plans come with 7 days money back guarantee. If you have any issue with their service then you can ask your money back.


It is reliable, trustworthy brand. Even it was established in 2018 still it has made its space in the hosting service providers. You can trust Hostgoi & buy any of the hosting plan you want. 

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