Personalized Website: How Importance in a 360* Strategy

Designing a website customized for the customer, where the user is the real protagonist, can bring your business to success in the digital universe.

Designing a website customized for the customer, where the user is the real protagonist, can bring your business to success in the digital universe. Discover its advantages and how important it is to integrate it into your 360º strategy.

The business card for a brand, a company or a business in a digital environment is undoubtedly its website. It is also the first point of contact that is established with the user. For this reason, many already bet on the design and development of a personalized and customer-centric website. This customization is a key factor to differentiate itself from the competition, but above all to attract and capture the user’s attention.

A personalized website is able to provide the best experience to each customer, offering them what they need. According to the 2020 branding statistics published , the company that produces the Demand Metric marketing and task management software , believes that 82% of users have a more positive view of a company if they find personalized content on the site web, thus transmitting the brand values ​​and generating engagement.

This, of course, translates into sales growth, as revealed by the study of the Boston Consulting Group published in July 2019. The research also points out that the custom web solutions in the purchasing process increased by 40% the ability to convert from part of the user compared to what was initially expected.

For these reasons, companies are moving towards the development of flexible and customer-centric web pages, able to offer the best shopping experience through the personalization of content and design, aware of the importance of the user at all stages of the process. Here are the reasons why, in our opinion, it is important to rely on personalized websites , highlighting the power of their impact within your 360*marketing strategy.

Why it is important to have a personalized website

It attracts users

Having a personalized website is a very powerful tool for obtaining information from customers and, therefore, optimizing content to offer users what they need. In this way, a valuable relationship is established with consumers, as they are provided with what they want to find and, moreover, a feeling of knowledge is transmitted.

Increase conversions

In line with the above, if the user finds what he needs, he will spend more time on the site. In this way, the chances of it converting from prospect to lead and then to customer will increase. As a result, your strategy will gradually lead you to achieve your goals.

It’s unique

Developing a website tailored to your company, your needs and your users will result in a unique, different and original site . This does not happen, for example, when you choose to implement it using a standard CMS, with established models. In this way, you will give greater value to your brand, attracting users, customizing the features and, of course, differentiating yourself from the competition.

Optimize your search engine rankings

Custom websites rank more easily in search engines. The opportunity to develop the ad hoc code allows it to be optimized for higher positions. This thanks to the possibility of writing the code as cleanly as possible, avoiding the excess of code or CSS that, for example, is found in web development through standard models or web builders , without customization. With the smoother code structure, the search engine has to process less information and, consequently, the website is more optimized for indexing.

It is responsive: it adapts to all browsers

The customized development of a website is the guarantee that it will have the desired appearance, regardless of the user’s browser or access platform. In this case, it is about responsive web development and the ability to adapt to any screen and support without losing functionality.

In this sense, mobile design becomes particularly relevant, given that 100% of websites will be indexed in Google, starting from September 2020, under the parameters of the mobile first index . In other words, the tech giant will take the mobile version into account for positioning in search results. With a customized website, success is guaranteed.

It is scalable

Custom websites are scalable, both in design and functionality. In other words, the code allows you to adapt, optimize and improve them according to the needs of your company at any time. Another element that allows us to feel safe with what is … behind the site!

Personalized websites, the key to your 360* strategy

The advantages of having a customized website demonstrate the importance and impact they have within 360*marketing strategies: it is the platform on which the other channels depend and therefore the access door to achieve your goals.

The website is ultimately the reference showcase of a brand or company in the digital field and, therefore, its personalized development impacts on the rest of the marketing actions. The User Experience, finally, must be able to adapt to your interests. In this sense, Smart Content is very important: dynamic content, customized according to the characteristics of the visitor who uses them. If relevant and attractive, they generate engagement, increase ROI and attract potential higher quality customers.

Choosing customized web solutions is the beginning of the path towards the success of your site. Bet on flexibility, on the ability to respond to your customers’ needs, on improving the user experience of the purchasing process, on optimizing navigation processes and on the best technology: you will get tangible results!

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