Best Affiliate Program For Bloggers 2020 ( Complete Guide )

Looking For Best Affiliate Program For Bloggers 2020?

In this blog you will Learn how you can Earn Money from Flyout Affiliate Program. We are happy to have you as Flyout Affiliate Partner. In this guide, we’ll help you get started with Flyout affiliate program.

Getting started with Flyout Affiliate Program in just 3 steps.

  1. Join Flyout Affiliate Program
  2. Invite Blog Owners on Flyout through your Affiliate Link.
  3. Earn Affiliate Commisions.

About Flyout:

Flyout is a free, simple way to earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog. I wrote a genuine review so you can get more details about Flyout Review .

In Flyout Affiliate Program, all you have to do is invite high quality blogs on Flyout platform.

Note:  Flyout do not approve any and every blog that gets submitted on our network. We have a manual review process before we allow any blog to appear on our network. You can read this article to understand the blog approval criteria.

How to Join Flyout Affiliate Program?

Flyout is free to join anyone can join Affiliate Program. You can generate your affiliate link

Click Here to Join Flyout  

How do I monitor my commissions?

We’ve developed our own affiliate system where you can detailed insights of your affiliate reports.

Now, on this page, you should be able to see following things:

  1. Clicks – Total number of clicks received on your affiliate link in the chosen period.
  2. Signups – Total number of signups received through your affiliate link in chosen period.
  3. Submitted – Total number of blogs submitted by your referred accounts in chosen period.
  4. Accepted – Total number of blogs referred by you that are approved on our platform.
  5. Earnings – Total Amount Earned for approved blogs.

How long is the Affiliate Cookie Duration?

Currently our affiliate cookie expiration duration is set to 30 days for now.

Will I earn $15 per blog or $15 per blog owner?

Yes, you’ll earn $15 per blog that gets approved on our platform.

For example if you refer to a blog owner who register 3 APPROVED blogs on Flyout you’ll be paid $15 per blog i.e $45 in total for 3 blogs.

What are the payment options and minimum payout threshold?

To all the Indian Affiliate Partners affiliate payout will be sent via Bank Account.
Anyone residing outside India affiliate payout will be sent via PayPal.

The minimum affiliate payout threshold is currently set to $100.

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