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The Latest Trends In Local SEO

Almost 95% of online searches are done on Google. To appear among the first results, obtaining greater visibility and reaching more users and potential customers, you must precisely define your metrics. Here are the latest geolocation trends and what factors to keep in mind when defining your Local SEO In Teesside.

More and more companies are using geolocation , an online marketing technique that allows you to obtain a good positioning on search engines and reach potential customers in a simple, fast and, above all, personalized way. Geolocation also allows you to offer content of interest to users based on where they are located.

In the world of SEO, local SEO occupies an increasingly important place. Lindsay Wassel , Keyphraseology CEO and Digital Marketing Consultant , in an interview with We Are Marketing stressed that “the most important thing is to know the exact data included in this type of research. There is a lot of information on the Internet and excellent presentations on YouTube that can help you stay updated on the latest Local SEO trends. “

Keyphraseology specializes in geolocation services to improve search engine positioning. Examine the customer’s site to verify compliance with Local SEO best practices and accuracy with 10 or more local information sources (such as Google+). The results of this audit are the basis from which to correct and optimize the customer’s site.

Even when running a Facebook company page, Lindsay Wassel explains, you need to monitor and interact with the data: “You can’t create an app and expect it to work on its own. If someone goes to dinner at a restaurant that has a company page, it might be a good technique to send them an email asking them what their experience has been like and if they would recommend the restaurant to a friend. “

Moz – one of the main SEO Consulting companies – has carried out a study, 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors , which defines which are the latest trends in geolocation and the most important factors in Local SEO to focus on to appear in the top positions of the ranking of Google.

  1. Google My Business

One of the best tools for SEO localization is Google My Business , which allows customers to find your business at any time and from anywhere. You can add photos of your products and your venue, opening hours and contact information. In addition, user reviews and scores can be entered to attract potential customers.

If your business has more than one location, you need to create a Google My Business account for each of them.

Still according to Moz’s study, “companies with a well-structured business profile get higher percentages in local searches. Investing in a Local Search strategy can bring many benefits. “

  1. Links

Links are another key factor to differentiate you in geolocation. Make sure to include the name of the city where your business is located in the keywords.

Moz’s survey notes that “Google continues to rely on links as the primary parameter for establishing the authority and importance of a business. Local Search professionals who invest time and resources to ensure quality links to their customers are rewarded in the ranking ”.

Majestic SEO is one of the best tools for positioning your links. Among the metrics of this tool stand out AC Rank , Trust Flow and Citation Flow .

  1. Website

To increase the visibility of your company, in addition to using keywords related to the sector of your business, you can incorporate a Google Maps map of the city where your company is located on your site.

Always use the same NAP ( name, address, phone , or name, address and telephone number): if you want Google to give relevance to your business, you must have a name, a physical address and a telephone number (prefix included). This map must also include your Google+ business page.

  1. Mentions

The mentions – the references to your company contained in other websites, for example the insertion of a link that refers to your website or a simple reference to the name of your business – are important to improve your positioning in geolocation.

Google’s algorithm gives a lot of relevance to reviews with a good score (4 or 5 stars).

“Over 60% of searches are made from mobile, which is equipped with geolocation tools: therefore, all these searches are geolocated. In a nutshell, Google has become local, ”says Iñaki Tovar, CEO of Webpositer, who specializes in SEO and conversion strategies.


Investing in local SEO will help you position yourself among the first Google search results and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Study in depth what companies in your sector are doing and apply the best metrics, like the ones I told you about in this post. You will surely get excellent results!

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