How To Start a Successful Vlog

How to Develop a Vlog

Nowadays video content maintains a crucial role in attracting the attention of users and potential customers. Find out how to make your vlog by following a few simple ideas

Thanks to the enormous success of YouTube, and to the ever-increasing diffusion (and evolution) of smartphones, video content is available for instant streaming all over the world. And more and more people are choosing to share their passions and experiences with the widest possible audience. Video blogging or vlogging fulfills this desire, but it is not child’s play.

Making a vlog is the result of constancy, quality, ability to attract, professionalism, experience and a lot of will. But what is a vlog? And how does it differ from other types of videos?

Definition and types of vlogs

Obviously vlog stands for video blog , and it is exactly this: a content for your blog / channel which, instead of a writing, provides a video recording.

There are two main styles of vlogs:

the “talking” video , in which the camera is on a tripod (or on a stack of books depending on the budget for the equipment!) and remains stable, while the vlogger talks about a topic

the “itinerant” vlog , in which the vlogger brings with him a camera and films everything he sees

When it comes to videos, it’s easy to focus on content on YouTube , which often has millions and millions of followers. YouTubers are popular on national tours, they write books and, thanks to advertisements, they manage to obtain important profits. For every famous YouTuber, however, there are countless content creators who diligently film and manage to attract a large audience; all while not becoming stars as happens to the so-called micro influencers.

People want to enjoy content in different ways and so, if some prefer to read or listen to stories or advice, others prefer to watch movies, tutorials & co. YouTube is becoming the main source of entertainment for this reason: more and more people are choosing to watch YouTube videos on traditional television and, by now, the contents are becoming more and more recognizable.

But how can you make a vlog? What are the ideas behind a vlog? What are the most suitable tips for building a videoblogging?

How to make a vlog: from the first step to ideas

There is a lot to think about when you want to make a vlog, although many focus only on the technical aspects. Which video camera to use? Which software to choose? None of this. The content of a vlog is the most important element . Obviously, better quality audio and video and adequate editing with specific software will make everything more professional, but even the most beautiful vlog in the world will see viewers go halfway if the content is not interesting.

Another of the most common doubts of those who want to make a vlog is: “I really don’t know what to talk about”. The tips for making a vlog are simple : just document your life and business. The sharing of one’s thoughts and points of view, together with the narration of special experiences, can make the difference.

Help can come by studying the vlogs that you love most: it will be discovered that many follow the simple idea of ​​telling what they think or do. They share a day of their lives, thoughts about politics, a review of a book or the latest iPhone. They are simply themselves , and share what they think. So think about what you know about the chosen topic and write down everything that comes to your mind. The best advice to make a vlog is to take the camera and start talking . With hard work, consistency and transparency, you can achieve success. Especially if you choose to talk about your great passion.

However, it is essential to be organized: draw up an editorial plan , with objectives, targets and contents to be explored in the various videos. Choose well publication times, titles, topics. And select the platform to publish on: the most famous is obviously YouTube, but nothing prevents you from choosing something more sectoral.

What to use, then, on a practical level? There are those who are satisfied with a “simple” iPhone and those who opt for a more professional result, thanks to the use of a quality webcam, an external microphone and specific softboxes for lighting.

Define your audience

Creating a personal connection with your audience through the vlog is another step to consider. There is something significant about seeing someone talking to you, even if only through a screen.

When you want to create a vlog, you are letting someone in to see a small piece of your life or thoughts. If, on the other hand, you already have an audience that follows you elsewhere, vlogging will help you increase loyalty. An excellent starting point is YouTube , the second most used platform in the world after Google. Over a billion hours of video are watched every day on YouTube.

It can be difficult to grow on a new platform, but to make a vlog you have to stand out and not try to make videos that everyone likes. The key is to choose a niche . By creating content that addresses a very specific market , you can attract people who are part of that niche, thus creating an audience capable of transforming your vlog into its reference source.

Vloging and uploading regular content therefore requires effort and study. But, if you do it correctly and with credibility, it could change your life.

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