The First Thing In The Morning

First Thing in The Morning

Do you know about alkaline and acidic foods. Our body follows the same. What we eat is what we become!

Does drinking HOT water good?? Not exactly!

An average person drinks 3 litres of water daily. It helps your skin glow as well. Due to hectic schedule, many of us skip drinking atleast one glass of water and it causes dehydration. Even if you are in the room where your Air coolers at the full power, you need to drink more water. I have watched videos related to better health and this is the top advice from all of them.

Water is vishnu , the hindu god and saves us from disaster. If you skip your meal, don’t skip from drinking water. Have you drank rain water? Most people don’t and they feel like it’s contaminated. But actually it’s the purest water available to man kind. Have you tried some herbal water??
wait let me tell you about it !

Herbal water is collected from the banana steem and you get it. I am a big fan of soup and tomato rasam, so I love this banana steem water. You can collect this naturally available water from steem for 3 days after cutting it.
people in the western countries drink coffee as the first thing and it’s popularly called BED  Coffee, which helps them to keep their body warm. But in country like India where the temperature touches 30 degree Celsius at 7.30am, coffee shouldn’t be the first drink or the first thing to take.

What we drink as the first thing , has lots of benefits throughout the day. I start my day with plain water and it heals your body.  It flushes out the toxins from your body and it has become my regular practice from the last six months. I feel wonderful and my mind is fresh than once it was. I wish I had knew this earlier, but still it’s good to start now and not give up!

Also it’s good to take the herbal medicines as the first thing in the morning. I prefer to take the Bach flower remedies as the first thing in the morning. Be energetic at the first 30 minutes of the day and it has major effects on your body/mind.

Does drinking ICE water have an effect??

Definitely NO. But you can try the wimhof method or check out the tony robbins morning routine. Everyday he gets out in the cold shower and it makes feel fresh. Most days I prefer to hot water which is not the right thing to do.

Warm water works well after you had a oil massage but practice daily to get cold showers. The alternative option is not to skip swimming and make it as a routine every week.
Water can heal your skin, your internal organs as well.There are also researches about the GUT health making a lot of changes in one’s life. Water is healthy and it has the nutrients in it, we have no time to feel the taste of water. Wonder how we accumulate a lot of toxins in our body and it’s time to detox by drinking water each day. 

There are no secrets to successful health, it’s just only keeping everything in order. your health, your career, relationships and money. Get rid of the stress and everything becomes easy.
Another thing to try if you don’t like plain water. Add little basil to one litre/gallon of water and have it.  A little bit of cumin added to the water brings a lot of goodness. Drink more water until your urine turns white, that’s the secret key to perfect health.

What about R.O water?

Yes you can drink any water that you feel safe for drinking. The ph levels have to be normal and the ppm has to be less than 100. Most homes have the R.O water which has become the trend in the last 10 years for drinking and cooking. Most marriage halls are filled with canned mineral water.
Water contains memory and it has been found by the homeopaths in the 18th century itself. Water can heal you and the easiest thing is the theertham which is given in the temple. The priest puts basil in water, keeps it in the sunlight and after that it;s shared with everyone in small quantities which is a cure for cancer.

Can your mind heal with water??

the ancient indians made it as a habit to take bath in the river. They also still worship the river and throw flowers welcoming water.It heals the mind and it brings a lot of mental balance. Make it a habit to visit sea atleast once every year. The magnetic effect of water can be felt within a week. The water washes all the sins and bad habits from you, making you an amazing soul.

Next time if some guests come to your home, give them water. It brings joy and creates a positive vibe in your home. We have forgotten this culture and we keep talking to them for hours even they are tired. The north east direction is where you must store water and it’s wealth. Having fish tanks at home will bring more prosperity to us.Saving rain water is another technique to make the mother earth bless us with more plants and trees.

Our body contains 60 percent of water and it needs to function well. Make it a habit of drinking tender coconut water once a week or atleast fresh juice thrice in a week. We have stopped all of these and moved with the packaged stuffs which have a lot of colored chemicals adding more sugar to spoil our bones.

Most people get the brain fog making them dull for the whole day, there is a simple exercise to be followed which I will mention in the next post.

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