Virtual Data Rooms- The Definitive Guide 2020

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

Virtual data rooms have changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and I think the most noticeable difference is the large drop in pricing. Traditional pricing models are based around a per page or storage size for documents in the room, which are generally great for very small rooms, but can be very expensive for larger rooms. It seems that most data rooms are going to a flat fee per user or monthly, which has helped reduce the cost of rooms. I think the continuation of the virtual data room fee reduction continues here.

Usability, accessibility, access security, general security, data entered security, analysis reports and user management were raised at a very high level.


In the modern virtual data room, we can see that there are some advanced features:

1. Task Management System – Being able to delegate tasks to users even when inside your data room helps teams stay organized and ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

2. Smart Search – allows you to search through multiple documents and shows you a small piece of the document before opening it.

3. Picture Thumbnail on Document Overview – View images before opening a document.

4. Integration with Slack- software used to streamline communication across messages, files, and devices. This prevents work silos and allows work to be more team-oriented, etc…….

The VDR is an online repository of data and is used to share critical information with external customers and partners in a secure, online environment. Storing your files makes it easier to organize and share your documents, benefiting you, your clients, and others who are using the given files. This will improve and optimize the analytics and metrics about your browsing experience and our visitors.


You need to read the virtual data room review so that you will find out the best. There are many service providers in the area, and each of them will try to convince you that it is the best. If you operate a business that requires online data sharing, then you need a virtual data room. They are used by institutions like law firms, banks, corporate document sharing, merger and acquisition, legal extranets. There are specific steps that you must take to choose the best virtual data room. Some of the factors you should pay attention to include ease of use, secure data transmission, and cost.

TOP 10 Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)

1. Firmex

This virtual data room is the company’s official website. When Firmex comes to data room space services, it is an excellent company. It provides safe and great applicability to customers. The great features that make the company stand out include a cost efficient and personalized approach to various organizations seeking virtual data room services. The company opens more than 10,000 new data room accounts every year. The customer base is over 75,000 and most of the customers are highly satisfied. Some of the customers who have served him include Barclays, Deloitte, Omars, Deutsche Bank, PWC, and CIBC. They answer customer queries very fast through their all year round customer care services.

2. Intralink

The company was founded in 1996 and has since transacted over $ 28 trillion. It caters mostly to large enterprises. The company has a customer base of over 90,000 customers. The prices are slightly higher, and when it comes to interface upgrades, they tend to be slower. Other services it provides include enterprise collaboration to satisfy various customers worldwide.

3. Merrill Datasite

In addition to Intralinks, Merrill DataSite ranks among the top players in the virtual data room business. It mainly deals with large enterprises. The company works with major companies, and services are charged at premium rates. Other services provided by the company include materials management, consulting business and financial services. They provide industry standard virtual data room services.

4. RR Donnelley’s Venue

The company were working with products such as mapmaking and later other print materials such as print media. The mapmaking business lasted until 1990 when it was renamed MapQuest. It is a lucky 500 listed company that has established itself as a virtual data room service provider. The company started virtual data rooms and financial services from 1990, and it has various

5. Citrix ShareFile

It was first developed in 2005. The company started as a secure document sharing platform intended to replace technology. The company has developed Sharefile into its cloud computing and visualization services. Other services offered by the firm include the SaaS program, XPNAP, Cloudbridge and Nestler.

6. Ansarada

The company claims that it was designed specifically for M&A. The interface caters for vendors, analysts, consultants among other users Since 2005, the company has been growing in the virtual data room sector.

7. Brainloop’s Secure Dataroom

It is a German company aimed at developing SaaS solutions for businesses. Secure Data Room provides secure data transfer for corporations. M&A is among the services they provide. The company’s various services include Foursquare, Allianz, Twitter and the European Space Agency. Their data room has many features to suit your specific needs.

8. DRSdigital A.G. ‘s Drooms

Swiss DRSdigital operates the company, and it provides virtual data services aimed at the European market. It has more than 20,000 customers worth over 200 billion euros. They store customer documents on servers located in Switzerland and Germany. They cater for customers trying to avoid American data security measures. It is mostly related to the real estate sector across Europe.

9. BMC Group’s  SmartRoom

The company aims to streamline communications across medical, legal and corporate institutions. Services include distribution service and claims management, web hosting . Can be implemented in various fields such as corporate exchanges, legal solutions, and capital markets among other areas.

10. Box

It is not technically a virtual data room service provider, but it provides services such as Dropbox and Freemium that allow secure document sharing. This allows easy collaboration between corporates.


One of the main reasons for the drastic reduction in virtual data room prices is because of the introduction of free cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). These services are secure and provide some of the core functions of a virtual data room for a fee. For a virtual data room to compete, they have to abandon their pricing to remain competitive and continue to add value with special integration (such as signing a document) and functionality (detailed analysis for auditing, for example) .


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