Why Bluetooth Version is important for Bluetooth speakers?

How many types of Bluetooth versions for Bluetooth Speaker?  

There are many types of Bluetooth version for Bluetooth speaker that exists in the market. Since different types of Bluetooth versions also cost you a different price as well. The highest or latest Bluetooth version of the Bluetooth speaker seems to be much more expensive than the normal ones. Maybe around the year 1999, the first generation of Bluetooth or Bluetooth 1.0 was created around that year to replace the wired connection. Ranging from Bluetooth 1.0 to 3.0 is the classic version of Bluetooth. Bluetooth 1.0 version is slow since it is the originating source of Bluetooth technology. It might no longer be in the market now since it is very old. And its connection speed is around 1Mbps and a range of 10 meters connection to the device. Later the Bluetooth 4.0 version came up around 2010. It is the most found Bluetooth version in devices nowadays. Its connection range is between 33ft. Its connected speed works just fine with the normal rate of wifi. While later then, Bluetooth 5.0 or the ones features Aptx might be the latest in the market. Since users can find High-Quality Bluetooth speakers with this Bluetooth version easily.

What is the standard type of Bluetooth version for Bluetooth speakers?

The standard type of Bluetooth version for Bluetooth speakers can be with Bluetooth 4.0. It is the most standard type of Bluetooth version that should be featured with the Bluetooth speaker. It is a very popular one that many Bluetooth speaker manufacturers decided to feature this Bluetooth version. Moreover, most Bluetooth speakers cost less by featuring this 4.0 Bluetooth version. So it is easy for users to make decisions toward the products.

What is the best type of Bluetooth version for Bluetooth speakers? What are its benefits compared to others?

However, the best type of Bluetooth version for Bluetooth speakers should be at 5.0 Bluetooth versions. Its technology offers lower energy that enables to connect with the devices faster. The lower the data rate, the higher the range that the Bluetooth 5.0 can transfer the data to its connected device. Moreover, the ability of the Bluetooth 5.0 version can maintain the quality of the audio sound between the connected devices to the Bluetooth speaker as well. The maximum range of connection speed is between 200f to 800ft. This means users can connect their Bluetooth speaker with the fast speed of transmitting data up to 2Mbps. Especially, Bluetooth 5.0 version also provides a 4 times range, 8 times the bandwidth, and twice the speed. The higher the Bluetooth version is, its Bluetooth technology can perform to compress the audio data that allowing users to transfer the data more easily and faster. Since usually the high-quality audio needs more data so the transmit speed without having delay is really important. What is special about the Bluetooth 5.0 version is that it can transmit or broadcast to two devices at the same time because of its increased bandwidth.

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