8 Best Baddie Outfits With Leggings For Girls

Baddie Outfits

Your social calendar is full of events and many hang outs for you during the year. To flaunt your look on these hangouts you need a lot of outfits and millions of other products in your wardrobe. And if you one of those baddie girls who just hate wearing heavy clothes and prefer going with some casual stuffs only. Then you are at the right spot because today in this post we going to show you some of the best baddie outfits to get you ready for the show. So, let’s surf through the options that we have in our baddie category of the outfits.

1. Pink Adidas Track Suit

Street Style Baddie Leggings Outfits

Here we have a very basic track suit for the young girl with a sporty look. The track suit is pink in color with white side stripes on the pants and the jacket sleeves. The suit is accompanied by a pair of pink matching sport shoes with a blue sole. This gives the young girl in you a sporty look. In the next picture we have a girl in a similar but grey color track suit and the same sporty look.

2. Baddie Outfit With Gray Legging

High School Baddie Outfits With Leggings

The next look is a similar look but with a different top. The top is a hosiery half sleeved top with a deep round neck with piping. For the lower she is wearing a tight pair of hosiery leggings that is matching in grey color with the top. The top is knotted at the front of the waist to give it a casual look. The girl is wearing a pair of white sport shoes that are going well with the grey color of the outfit. She has also tied her hair into a tight neat bun on her neck.

3. Baddie Outfit For Teen Girls

Middle School Baddie Outfits With Leggings

Next we present before you a girl whom is resting on a silver grey color sports car and is wearing a black track suit for a change. For her feet she is wearing a pair of matching black sport shoes that are branded ones.

4. Stripped Swag Dress For Girls

Baddie Winter Outfit With Leggings

Here we have before you a new concept in the track suits. The track suit is a one piece suit like a jump suit or a dungaree. The suit has a zipper in the front that runs right from the neck to the lower crotch of the girl. The jump suit has three parallel stripes running down the sides and the sleeves of the jump suit. Overall the girl is looking fab in this avatar.

5. Printed T-Shirt With Legging

Instagram baddie outfits for school

Even this track suit has been given a twist. Here’s the outfit with a pair of black leggings have been matched with a yellow multi color printed top jacket that blends very well with the black leggings. The girl is seen wearing a pair of white sport shoes with the set and is a perfect model of a naughty school girl.

6. Neon Top With Gray Legging

Baddie cute black girl outfits with legging

An equally stunning dress that is a combination of a colored top with the track pants. The grey track pants are paired with a printed lemon green top with full sleeves and a tight round neck. The tracks have a NIKE monogram printed across the leggings and the outfit goes well with the lemon green sport shoes from the same company.

7. All Black Baddie Outfit

Tumblr Inspired Baddie Outfit With Leggings

A similar type of a jump suit that we saw before in the earlier picture. The top is a mega sleeved top with tight round neck. The lower is a black track pants that is in a match with the black top and blends well with the black colored sport shoes.

8. Baddie Outfit With Denim Jacket

Baddie Outfits For School

Now for a change we have a denim faded jacket that has been worn over a black top and has been matched with a black lower in hosiery and has been suited as a track suit for the girl. She is seen wearing a pair of black and white check canvas shoes that are without laces.

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