4 Effective Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Bar

How to Attract More Customers to Your Bar

Are you looking for ideas to attract more customers to your bar? There are web and social marketing strategies that you should know about.

There are many marketing ideas that can lead potential customers to constantly choose your bar over any other business. Precise strategies that every entrepreneur must know and make good use of, to change pace and conquer more and more public.

From customer loyalty to the company blog , here are the marketing strategies that can help you transform users into loyal and loyal customers.

What is customer loyalty and why it is so important

In particular, customer retention (the act of keeping existing customers who have already spent in your business) is extremely important for any company.

Attracting a new customer costs, on average, five times more than maintaining an existing one . Indeed, depending on the sector, you can spend up to thirty times as much for a new acquisition. The solution? Transform your customers into loyal customers who would never “betray” you and never go to the competition. It is mathematics that says it: a 5% increase in customer loyalty rates increases profits from 25% to 95%.

Still, many companies are unaware of the importance of loyalty: they focus more on the acquisition, sometimes leaving their current and loyal customers unsatisfied. A decidedly wrong strategy: retaining customers increases profitability more than any other business.

Google My Business and reviews

If you have a bar, you should consider opening a Google My Business account in order to make your business appear on Google Maps .

After optimizing your site (because the site must be there!), Google My Business is the most important tool to communicate to your customers and potential ones all information about your business : from opening hours to the web address, from reviews (fundamental) to the photos taken inside the restaurant, up to the special initiatives and menus.

Without Google My Business, it will take a lot to optimize your site in order to position it on the first page of search results. This is a fundamental online recognition for every business.

Another usable tool are Google reviews . Users can search using filters such as ratings, times and prices. To attract more customers, a well written and convincing review can often be enough. Customers should therefore be encouraged to write 5-star reviews . To do this, you can ask for help via social media, e-mail or even personally.

The use of social media

When you think of marketing ideas for your bar, you cannot miss the opening and care of social media. A corporate Facebook page is another plus point for attracting new customers who make great use of this platform.

Being the most used social media in the world, Facebook is moreover impossible to do without. As long as you take care of the photographic aspect above all : the shots published and visible on the company page or on the Instagram account can convey new users or retain their loyalty. 

Also in this case there is some indication to keep in mind: the brightness necessary to photograph, the best times to publish the posts, the involvement of people with initiatives and contests that generally allow you to have more visibility.

A blog to reach new customers

Any bar should have a corporate blog . Tell customers what makes you unique or the history of your business, include a calendar of events, links to social media, photos from Instagram, an online booking form.

We must make sure to stay up to date with current trends and ensure navigation through mobile devices , which are increasingly used for all types of research. And don’t forget to give your customers a plus, from recipes that can be consulted for free to evergreen articles of general interest.

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Reward customers

Among the most important and considered strategies for obtaining a high percentage of customer retention ( customer satisfaction) there is the possibility of creating contests and competitions, and to reward those who attend the bar . People love the word “free”, especially when there is little or nothing to do. If you are looking to increase your followers and grow your business, consider all this.

There are several ways in which you can distribute free material. Ask people to follow you on social media, tag their friends or share your post . In return, they can win a shopping voucher for their drinks, a bottle opener with the logo, a bottle of wine. After all, very little is needed to retain your customers.

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