8 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Engagement for your Business

Instagram has gained peak popularity in the last couple of years. With the extensive users on the app, businesses have a real chance at connecting with a much larger audience. Many businesses are making use of this opportunity to make an appealing impression on their customers. 

That being said, you want to make sure that you know the right ideas to promote your brand well on Instagram. Despite its massive popularity, Instagram can be quite daunting to figure out for leveraging as an entrepreneur. Read ahead to know about 8 Creative Instagram story ideas that may come in handy for you to enhance engagement for your business and take your social media marketing to the next level. 

  1. Interact with Polls


The Instagram polling sticker is unquestionably a game-changer for interacting with your potential customers. The sticker allows you to ask your audience a question with two different responses. What makes this sticker quite ideal is the fact that it shows the result of what everybody picked after your audience answer. This feature is an excellent approach towards making sure that your audience feels like they’re being heard. It very impressively gives you the chance at sharing your opinions and further asking your audience what they’d be looking for from you. 

  1. Go Live

The live feature of Instagram allows you to have a live chat with your audience. Broadcasting your potential customers in real-time is an amazing way of connecting more deeply with them. The feature gives your audience to see you in your raw form, which further builds more trust. As the host of the Live, you have the ability to view all the followers that join your live session, along with the interactions that take place. Thus, you can take this opportunity to address the questions that your audience has been wondering about. Furthermore, this feature is also great for displaying behind-the-scenes views of your business. 

  1. Encourage Give-Aways 

Your audience is more likely to stay hooked into viewing your products and services if ensure consistent engagement with them. Moreover, engaging in elements like promoting freebies or offering giveaways is an outstanding way to grab the attention of your customers. If you have free resources for your followers, an Instagram story is ideal for promoting them. Freebies very impressively work towards generating leads and boosting the interaction from your potential customers. Pages with over 10,000 followers can also make use of the swipe-up feature so that your customers can conveniently reach your website. This kind of instagram story ideas work well with any kind of audience base.

  1. Schedule a Guest Appearance


Another distinctive yet effective Instagram story idea is to promote a scheduled appearance. You can invite a guest for a podcast, host a live chat, host a lecture, and briefly schedule a guest appearance. This technique is unquestionably a catch as it does much more than just make you the Center of attention among your followers. You can reach a larger audience and build your reach as a whole when tagging the host organization. 

  1. Make a Regular Series


Filming a regular series is also an appealing and effective idea to keep your audience engaged. You could create a series wherein you publish weekly stories about varied topics that might pique the interests of your followers.  Consistently posting stories in the form of a series can help you connect more with your followers. The point is to produce relevant and interesting content so that your potential customers don’t get bored. Remember that consistency of the series will take you a long way in building a long-term relationship with your followers. 

  1. Host an Event


Furthermore, hosting an online event on your Instagram through Instagram stories is also quite an intriguing way of getting to know your customers more. Announce your virtual event through an Instagram story. Instagram stories are the highlights of the app and are thus often good in helping you reach out to your prospective customers. Your followers will thus be more likely to view the announcement, thereby helping you boost attention to your feed. You can also make use of the swipe-up feature to include Google forms and registration information for your followers to attend or participate in the event. 

  1. Add Collaborations to Your Highlights


Usually, when you partner with relevant brands and companies, you tend to story and tag them. There is no better way of increasing your reach than by taking full advantage of the follower base or the brands you collaborate with. Make sure that you add the cross-promotion stories to your highlights. Further, make sure that you tag them in your story as they are more likely to repost your story. This can simultaneously help you boost your outreach. 

  1. Make Use or The Question Sticker


Another famous story feature that you might have come across is the question sticker. The question sticker is quite valuable as it gives your followers the chance at sharing their opinions or even asking you questions. This is a great way to create interactive sessions with your followers and to also get to know them. This way, not only will you have a real chance at getting to know your clients but you can also create unique and interactive content for your potential customers. Make sure that you focus more on creating authentic content instead of following the same generic ideas. 

Bottom Line 

Instagram Stories have time and again proven how impactful they are when it comes to addressing a large crowd. Every business must include a strong marketing strategy to ensure luring their target audience into investing in their company. There is no better way of doing so than making the most use of Instagram stories. Make use of the above-mentioned story ideas to build a unique identity for your brand and further get to know your potential customers and grow your business. Engaging well with your audience can go a long way in helping you build a large client base in the long run.

Raaj Kumar
Raaj Kumar

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