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EEHHAAA – The Revolutionary Ad Platform


Looking for the Best Online Advertising Platform for your Business. Connect with EEHHAAA – One of The Revolutionary Advertising Platform in the World.

As we know all that advertising sectors are growing day by day. If you have an online or offline business, you should to grow your business by promoting your product or services with EEHHAAA ads.  Today In my post, I am going to reveal you about a revolutionary ad platform (EEHHAAA) where you can advertise of your products or services with Local or Global Audiences without wasting your ad budget. 

In this whole article here, we will cover EEHHAAA with deep details to find out whether it is an opportunity or a waste of money?. We have several questions in our mind that what is EEHHAAA? Is it safe an Advertising Platform? How does it work? And many more. As it is a website that claims to pay money for watching advertisements, you should learn the details before joining it. 

What is EEHHAAA?


EEHHAAA is an advertising company that provides you amazing ad platform where 5+ millions verified users can watch your ads on their mobile phone. Its is all about ads. Nothing else. The ads are the content and millions of
viewers go there to watch them and get inspired. And to get paid
watching them. Your ads will be watch by KYC verified users.  Here you can run Display Ads & Video Ads on EEHHAAA Platform.

EEHHAAA is a website that claims to pay money to people for watching advertisements. It is connected with a portal named Jaa Lifestyle that provides a set of opportunities for earning.

It has a more than 5+ millions user base currently. The user base is continuously growing with time. It works perfectly on all devices; PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones. With Internet connection.

Thus, we must know the whole details for understanding the basic and core factors about EEHHAAA further. You need to read the whole article engagingly.

Before understanding how does it work, we are required to know the origin of EEHHAAA.

The official domain was created on 16 September 2020.

Official Website:

Name of Company:  EEHHAAA Limited.

Type:  Advertising & Marketing




How does it Work?

EEHHAAA is known for advertising anywhere and anyone. They used to match advertisers as per the audiences’ interests after completing the registration process. As their basic concept is about customer interest thus, the budget of marketing does not get wasted. The rewarding factor is that customers get paid for watching ads on this platform.

With this approach, advertisers can reach global audiences utilizing this platform. Ads get displayed to customers as per their interests utilizing predefined criteria provided by them. Here some basic advantages get included such as:

  • Advertisers get guaranteed viewers and, customers get paid for watching advertisements.
  • Advertisers utilize targeted audiences as they range from a range of countries and categories.

The opportunity is “get paid to watch ads!” and users can select their interests from various categories. Users just need to watch 60 ads regularly to get paid from the platform. The chance is to earn from every advertisement they watch.

This platform has a large number of advertisers and viewers connected to it. Thus, it allows advertisers to make their trending as per the user interests by matching customer interests.

Why you should do advertising on EEHHAAA?

As an advertiser, you are getting the chance to approach people who are interested in what to offer to your base customers. This specific experience is amazing for a business to reach its targeted customers. Here specific features make it more useful for you, such as:

  • As an advertiser, you would be able to display your ads within your specified countries and categories. Thus, the marketing budget can be managed effectively.
  • You are able to access the data of your ad campaigns and able in analyzing customer reactions. All the analysis aspects are at your fingertips.
  • As an advertiser reaching global customers and their interests used to be difficult to analyze. This provides a completely different feeling for you as you get the chance to reach global customers utilizing the predefined criteria.

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How is it Different from other Ad platforms?

Nowadays, advertisement platforms use AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems for analyzing customer trends and interests, but they do not pay for watching advertisements. This EEHHAAA integrated platform provides relevant benefits by providing rewards to consumers for watching ads. This platform is made for advertisement and marketing purposes, and that makes the basic difference as other platforms such as Facebook, Youtube are social and entertainment platforms.


EEHHAAA ads VS Facebook ads

Basically, the advertisement approaches are different, whether that does not make proper sense. Facebook ads are specified advertisements that require a specific investment to reach your customers but do not always provide you what you intended for. It would require putting a lot more effort into making it visible to customers.

Customers used to be more engaged as they got paid for watching advertisements. As EEHHAAA provides an integrated platform and specifies customers as per their interests, it is more favorable for advertisers now. Advertisers can also make relative analytics as per their customer’s interests and traffic in a precise manner. It provides a guaranteed viewing audience, and that is the real magic.

Making a proper comparison is quite debating, but as a suggestion, both the platforms should be utilized for making your business visible to specified customers.

Pay Per Impression Advertising :

With EEHHAAA, you are charged each time your ad is displayed to the captive audience. You won’t be charged when viewers tap on the ad to favourite it, or visit the website link (pay per click).

How to Advertise on EEHHAAA?

To advertise On this platform, you need to sign up as an advertiser. It provides a specified and guaranteed view for your advertisements for different packages you purchase. At the same time, you select “advertiser”. After completing sign-up, you need to initiate payments for different packages. Here three different packages are provided “Basic”, “Pro”, and “Customs”.

eehhaaa sign up

Sign up as an advertiser

To sign up as an advertiser, simply enter your name, company name, email address and mobile number. Then select from one of our prepaid plan offerings.

Upload an existing ad or use our tools to create a new one

Upload Ads on EEHHAAA

You can drag-and-drop or upload your existing advertising creative into our easy-to-use image uploader.

Don’t have any ready-made advertising material? Don’t worry, we can help! Our ad creation tool allows you to upload a picture and add text in a font and colour of your choice.

Just follow our simple guidelines regarding file size, aspect ratio and appropriate content and you’re all set!


Define your audience

Define your audience

You can fine-tune your intended target audience based on their location, including their country and city; their pre selected interests; their age-range; and their gender.

Set your budget and duration

Set the budget and duration that works for you. Ad views will be charged at €0,42 per view.

Set your budget and duration

Launch your campaign

Launce Ads

Your campaign is now live! You can track your performance by viewing the campaign statistics on your dashboard.

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Before publishing your advertisement, you would be asked for your targeted audience, country, and category as per your requirements.

Before pitching your advertisement, you need to consider several steps as suggested:

  • Prepare and research your advertisements.
  • Do a proper market study before preparing for advertisement.
  • Encapsulate and define your idea and product using it.

The Artificial Intelligence system would provide a set of analytics as per your ad views. It would provide you a guaranteed view of the range of customers as per packages you buy. As people come for earnings by watching ads on this platform, there is a great chance to reach out to more people using a single platform.  

EEHHAAA Ad Pricing :

EEHHAAA Ad Packages


EEHHAAA is advertising for anyone and anywhere. The willing and interested audiences would be watching ads posted by the advertisers, and thus, the targeted customer base does not get wasted at all. As rewards are provided for the people, viewers used to watch and earn from the platform. The basic concept is precise and well balanced for both advertiser and viewer end.

Start Advertising on EEHHAAA- Easy Campaign Setup Process


EEHHAAA is an Online Advertising Platform Helps You To Grow Your Business.

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with EEHHAAA Ads.

Launch a self-service ad in minutes

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