7 Ways To Improve Google Page Rank 2020

Are you want to Grow Google Page Rank for your website?

Most of people want to get high page rank on their website? But they don’t know how to increase page rank. if you facing this problem so don’t worry today I am sharing with you such an SEO Tips to get improve google page rank easily.

Let’s start…. There are most important 7 SEO Techniques to Get High Page Rank  in Below:-

  1. Links: The Google page rank is calculated by their algorithms in Google search engine. The page rank is mostly depend on Quality Backlink so if your website have number of quality backlinks then Google gives a good page rank to your website.
  2. High Quality Content: The second most important thing is use high quality content in your website and your content need to be clean, no grammatical mistakes& it should write in good language.
  3. Up to date Content: you know that Google is love to fresh, unique and new content in website so keep change your website content regularly. It will give more chance to increase Google Page Rank.
  4. Site Listing: Site Listing is an seo technique which is use for getting more backlink. so you can submit your website in web directories and local business sites for back-links.
  5. Link Exchange: This seo technique is too old but still working. Some site have option to link exchange, you can place their website link in your site and they place your website link in their website but you should choose those website which have good page rank as compare to your website for link exchange and may be you will get traffic from those sites.
  6. Blogs Commenting: Some blog site has Do-Follow link so it is help to increase “Backlinks” of your website and may be some user can access your website through that comment. Most blogs have “CommentLuv” Plugin installed on their site which automatically places a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment.
  7. Social Book Marking: Today Social Networking site is the most common platform to publish your business, some social networking site have “No-Follow” Links and some have “Do- Follow” links so through sharing, commenting you can reach more traffic on your website and through social networking which have “Do-Follow” link you can reach Backlink on your website.

I hope you better understand these SEO tips…  . I would like to help you in SEO , If you want to hire  me as a  Freelance SEO Expert for your website.

Raaj Kumar
Raaj Kumar

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