Bluehost Review 2023: Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Bluehost Review 2022- : The Complete Overview of Bluehost

Struggling to find good web hosting at an affordable price. So, Stop struggling because today we have brought the latest reviews of Bluehost which will make you purchase a web hosting or some other services from Bluehost.
Now, You have been wondering what is Bluehost?
It is a web hosting company which is one of the top web hosting provider in the world.
It was founded in the year 2003 by Matt Heaton. Bluehost is owned by The  Endurance International group. They have a website named

It has been one year we are Bluehost web hosting customer. Bluehost is the one which makes easy to get a website running. It provides the easy to use C panel with one click you can easily install the WordPress software.

Bluehost offers hosting services, SEO services, Social media marketing services, Content creation, Email, Graphic design service in order to increase traffic to your website.
Bluehost has range of website hosting for beginners to well established businesses.

Products Bluehost offers:

It offers the large number of web hosting related products. It includes:

Domain Name:
You can buy domain name directly from them. They have domain names starting from $11.99 a year. you can find Domain names with different extensions such as .com, .xyz, .net and many more.

WordPress Hosting:

The Bluehost’s main focus is on providing WordPress hosting services. Which are totally optimized for SEO. Their prices start from $2.75 per month.

WordPress Hosting Plans and Their Monthly Prices:
Basic Shared WP- $2.75
Choice plus shared WP- $5.45
Choice shared WP- $4,95
WP Grow scale- $49.95
WP pro build- $19.95
WP pro grow- $29.95

Shared Hosting:

Shared WordPress HostingI will recommend you to use shared hosting if you have a lot of projects to work. It means that if you are having many websites, then you should go for shared hosting. Shared hosting is something which connects Several websites to a single web server.

Shared hosting and their monthly prices:
Basic shared- $2.75
Choice plus shared- $5.45
Choice pro shared- $13.95
Plus shared- $5.45

Dedicated Dervers:
It is useful for the single business owner. In such type of hosting owner has complete control over his website, one can optimize it as he/ she wants and one can add what he/ she wants to add including performance, security and many more.
The Dedicated server plan comes with Linux OS, GB RAM, 4 CPU core, 500GB SSD RAID storage and 4 TB Monthly data transfer.

Dedicated servers and their monthly prices:
Enhanced dedicated- $99.99
Premium dedicated- $119.99
Standard dedicated- $79.99

VPS hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Server)
It is a private server. Bluehost provides you some resources such as RAM and CPU, which you need not to share with anyone. It provides you a physical server which you can access, install on your preferred operating systems and start working,
VPS hosting and their monthly prices:
Bluehost offers you VPS hosting plan which works on Linux Operating system. This hosting comes with 30 GB SSD storage, 2 CPU cores, 2GB memory and 1TB monthly data transfer.

VPS Hosting and their monthly prices:
Enhanced VPS- $29.99
Standard VPS- $18.99
Ultimate VPS- $59.99

Woo Commerce Hosting:
It is the most famous plugin for building E-Commerce sites. It helps you to launch an online store within a few minutes on WordPress. It provides you all the features to start your online business/ e- commerce site.

Various Options to Create A Website:
You can create a website through WordPress platform or even you can go for Go Mobi Mobile Web Builder, Weebly websites or you can upload files using file manager.

Email Accounts:
If you are a business or a blogger, You need a specific Email account. So, Bluehost provides you the place to create email accounts.

Bluehost provides 24/7 protection from viruses and malware, It scans your website on a daily basis.

Features of Bluehost: 

  • It provides you the user friendly interface with customized C Panel.
  • It offers you a lots of addons which you can add whenever you want.
  • It provides you free domain for 1 year and from next year you have to make payment for that.
  • It offers you specific email accounts for your business
  • It offers free site builder to build your website for free.
  • It offers you 99.99% up-time which means that it is very reliable. Your website is almost always working and is available all the time.
  • It has a wonderful technology which supports fast page loading.
  • It provides SSL certificate free for one year.

Here is one amazing thing i am going to mention about guess what???
Yes, A money back guarantee. If you don’t like their service or you are having trouble in anything related to hosting or other services you can ask your money back within 30 days of purchasing. But an important thing is that read all the terms and conditions mentioned in their website.


Pros of using Bluehost Hosting:

Pricing: Their pricing are much affordable for everyone, It has amazing prices for those who really want to start out. They have all ranges of hosting for beginners to professionals.

Reliability: It has minimum down time, As you know that less downtime becomes very important for every website, So that your website becomes available to everyone at every time.

Free Domain: You are getting free domain for 1 year, When you buy any type of hosting plan.

No hidden charges: There are no hidden charges for anything.


Cons of Bluehost Hosting:

They are providing hosting for Linux OS not for windows.

Higher renewal price: After one year of purchasing domain, They are charging very high domain renewal prices.

High prices of addons: If you need anything additional then you need to pay high charges they are more than an average.

Bluehost Performance:

Speed: The speed is the very important thing for any website. After analysing our website’s speed we can say that it has amazing site loading time. Our site loads within 2 seconds. The speed is very important for SEO optimization. That’s why we can’t ignore the speed of the website.
higher the site loading speed, higher the SEO rankings.

Server response time: Server response time is the time taken for website to receive a response. It includes how everything including images on your website loads. Bluehost server response time is much better than any other hosting service provider.


Bluehost Reviews given by our expert

Bluehost support is available for 24/7. They provide you support through live chat, Toll free phone calls, as well as email. It gives you a FREE domain for one year with all their hosting plans.

We can easily install WordPress or any other applications such as Joomla, Drupal for free and also within few clicks.

It provides all ranges of hosting plans from cheapest to costlier plan for the e-commerce businesses. It also gives the excellent services and has excellent pricing plans. If they are making any changes or updates in their plans, they are always conveying it in advance.



FAQ about Bluehost Review- 

  1. Is Bluehost is good for beginners?

Ans: Yes, Bluehost provides you with one click wordpress install, 24/7 service support and it is good host for beginners to professional businessmen.

  1. Is bluehost a good host?

Bluehost helps you to setup a website with few clicks and provides you easy to use customised cPanel interface. It provides you free website builders. It gives you plenty of security features. It serves you user-friendly interface within friendly budget.

  1. How much does Bluehost cost per month?

Ans: It doesn’t provide monthly plan on cheap hosting services whereas you can choose monthly billing plan for VPS and Dedicated shared hosting.

  1. Which Bluehost plan is best?

Plus plans are best hosting plans because it provides you all features of shared hosting and you can use unlimited websites. They provide you free domain name and SSL certificate at the cheapest price.

  1. Is Bluehost billed monthly or annually?

If you are having new account then charge annually for hosting plans but if you have an old account or you want to renew your plan then you can select monthly plan.


Final Words: Why We Recommend Bluehost?

We recommend you Bluehost because it gives you 99.99% up-time and loading time are much better than any hosting provider. In addition to that, It gives you 30 days money back guarantee, provides you a lot of free tools and website builders including WordPress and Joomla So, What are you waiting for go and get whichever hosting plan suits you.  Get Ready to start your website on Bluehost? Click here to Select Your Bluehost Plan.

Affiliate Disclosure :- 

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