13 Best Passive Income Ideas 2020 ( For Luxurious Life )

What is Passive Income –

World is now growing very fast with passive income ideas. Everyone wants to earn passive income. After all, it provides you luxurious life.

It is a type of income in which a person is not actively involved. Also it requires very little efforts to maintain it. It is the non – materialistic participation of an individual in a business activity which earns money to him.

It is taxable by the government  as active income but the Internal  Revenue Service’s put in a different category. It is the way how a rich person becomes richer and richer. They create income streams that will grow in the future and will make money to him.

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This is the article which explains the best ways to earn passive income. You can choose any according to your capability and interest.

TOP 13 Passive Income Ideas :-

1.) Selling Products

2.) Affiliate Marketing

3.) Rental Income

 4.) Invest in stock

5.) Savings accounts

6.) Cashback Rewards

7.) Real estate Investment

8.) Advertising on Vehicles

9.) Blogging

10.) Publish e – book

11.) Network Marketing

12.) Make YouTube Videos

13.) Photography

Here Are top 13 Ideas To Earn Passive Income and its details  –

1.) Selling Products –

Selling of your products on online platforms is one of the best way to earn passive income. Many bloggers and freelancers make their full time involvement in selling the digital products on websites, apps and other digital retailer platforms. 

If you are working in office from 9 to 5 and selling freelance products for your company, you are earning money not for you but for your company. You will be paid a fixed amount of salary and your time is limited.

So stop making money for company but make for yourself. You can sell your own content on digital platforms over and over again. Initially, there are some efforts to be made for creating the content which involves your active involvement but after its creation, when its selling gain a pace, you can passively earn a lot of money.

Here are some reasons to start selling online products –

  • Easy to Create – You can create you own content in pdf or document format and sell it digitally like teaching courses etc.
  • Easy to get started – Unlike to traditional business models which require a proper model to start, manage and run it, it does not require any model, it costs you nothing.
  • Little Cost – Creating a content or website or any other thing digitally will not cost you much. The thing that costs you is your one time active involvement only to create the matter.

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 2.) Affiliate Marketing

It is based on the commission you get when you promote other’s people products to the audience who wants to purchase it and if they purchase, you will get your commission. It is based on the revenue sharing. If you have product, then find affiliates and if you don’t have product, then find the people who want to purchase the product. In the second case mentioned, you will be acting as an affiliate marketer and you are said to be doing affiliate marketing. You can do this marketing well on social platforms. This is the way by which most people take the initial step in the world of passive income.

3.) Rental Income –

Rental properties are a great source of passive income; it will also boost your retirement savings and also let you to retire earlier. Rental properties will make a flow of income to you. Before buying a property to make it rental, you should  take into account the location of the property as the properties near to good schools and colleges are more preferable and will make you a good amount of money. Also the another factor taken into account while purchasing a property to give it on rent is transportation. The areas in which you are buying property have a good access of transportation. Rental income depends upon these factors along with the quality of property purchased. You should be clear about whom you want to give property on rent (Whether it is couple, students etc.), this will help you to decide the location of the property.

 4.) Invest in stock –

Investment in stock market can be done by index funds. For example, if you invest money in S&P 500  index, you will be invested in the general market, and you do not have to concern about rebalancing your portfolio, choosing investments or knowing when to sell or buy individual companies. All that will be handled by the fund. 

You can choose any fund with any index. For example, there are index for every sector in the market (example, precious metals, energy ang bankin etc.) . All you have to do is to participate and invest money and just relax. Your stock portfolio will automatically run and you can see the prices of your stock at any time. When they are up in the prices, you can sell them and when they are down in the prices, you can hold with yourself and wait for their prices to hike.

5.) Savings accounts –

This is based on the interest given on deposits to the saving account holders. This capitalizes your income. One should check the interest rates before depositing money to the saving account. 

Banks usually offer low interest rates, but the interest rates on deposits  in  post office is appreciable. It all depends on the principal amount and the interest rate of different organizations. 

Similarly, interest rates on the bonds are low if you take care of risks. Investment in more risky bonds can make you a lot of money. Examples of higher risk bonds are bonds from emerging markets etc. 

However, low income bonds cannot be compared to high income bonds (which are more risky), because in uncertain times, low risk, low income will be a good option.

6.) Cashback Rewards –

There are a number of banks which give cash back worth 1-5% of the purchasing price. 

This will give you an opportunity to earn passive income in the form of reducing the price for your commodity which you would have purchased from anywhere on the initial price. 

For example, you can earn reward points on your round trip flight and you can use these reward points in the next trip that will reduce your price of the trip. There are many website which can provide cashback offers for taking services and purchasing goods and you can also use credit card for cashback offers like amazon , flipcart etc, provides many offers.

7.) Real estate Investment –

This is perhaps a good way to earn passive income, or i would say semi – passive income. The investment in real estate is not purely passive because one have to manage the property as well. But if you want to make it purely passive then, you can contact managing committee people and they can do all management and take care of your property at about 10% of the rental income. Real estate investment comes in the category of Rental Income and this can produce you a good passive income. This is often the most common way  of earning passive income at any location.

8.) Advertising on Vehicles – 

You can advertise on car while roaming around in the city. The thing you have to do that, you have to contact an advertising company and tell about the areas you roam in, if they are interested then they will wrap your car with the ads. One need to be a licensed driver. If you are fond of driving, then this opportunity is for you. You can earn thousands of rupees   a month while driving only. Newer cars are more preferable. Drivers will be paid for every kilometer.

 9.) Blogging –

Blogging is the most famous means of passive income nowadays. If you don’t have property to give it on rent, if you don’t want to invest or don’t have money then, this opportunity is for you. You have to design your blog and the niche of the blog should be of specific type, of which you are interested in. You can run your own blog and make money or you can sell it also. It requires active involvement for some time and you have to keep patience. Google will also give ads to your blog if your blog have a good traffic and you can make money by this. This is very trending way of passive income.

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 10.) Publish e – book –

First, you have to choose a popular topic for your eBook then, write your e Book to a appreciable standard, then choose a best value online platform for publishing it.

Then, develop a good marketing strategy for it and enter your eBook into  writing competitions. After that you can publish your eBook. One way is to provide it as kindle version on amazon. This can make you passive income at a good level  if the book selling extent  is good.

11.) Network Marketing –

Social connection Backgrounds

Network marketing is the best way to earn passive income. It takes discipline, patience and dedication. Many people quit network marketing in the early times because they don’t get the expected result and they can’t keep the patience. 

You can sell any product or service of the company but you have to keep patience and give time to understand the company plans and business schemes. 

Many people believe that network marketing is a quick way to become rich but that is far from truth. You have to grow your networking as growing your own business and have to educate people about networking. In a flow, people connect in a chain and then their work will earn you money.

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12.) Make YouTube Videos –

This is a rapidly growing area in passive income. You can create videos on you tube related to  a specific area, it can be comedy, tutorials, roasts, education, music etc. and can attach google adsense on your videos which will delay your videos and every time, a viewer will see ad on your video, you will earn money. By promoting your videos on social sites more and more, you can earn money proportional to the viewers of your videos.

13.) Photography –


If you love photography, you can turn it into a passive  income. Photography sites like Shutterstock and istock photo provides you an online platform to sell your photos. They will take commission on each photo sell by you to the site client. It can make a flow because a photo clicked at once can be sold again and again. So, it is a good way to earn residual income along with following your passion.

Benefits of Passive Income –

1.) You can pay your debt faster.

2.) It gives you Financial Independence.

3.) It gives you work location flexibility.

4.) After all, you will have more time for yourself.


These are some of the best ideas to earn passive income. Among these, Network marketing and making of you tube videos and photography  is a growing aspect in the digital world. Moreover, all the 13 ideas of passive income is working best in nowadays. So, you can choose any of the ideas which is preferable for you.

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