Top Online Tools: Creating Instagram Posts

Instagram is no doubt, one of the current favorites. What’s more, it’s starting to outgrow its formerly simple photo and video sharing features. Today, for many, it is a primary platform for communication and, of course, self-expression. But how do you create Instagram posts, for example, for people who have no graphics software installed and zero designing experience?


Tools for creating Instagram posts  simply for beginners


Here is a list of some best online solutions that are almost non-designer-friendly. With these, in fact, anyone can come up with the popular “picture sharing” with hot, catchy posts. In some cases, even if you don’t have a photo of your own, you can use the prebuilt resources for free from this list and many other tools around the internet, and of course, there are tons of fonts and templates ready to use with just a few clicks. We’ve had a detailed test on each of them, so now we’re just giving you a brief summary,  and sure accessing online programs.




DesignCap actually was developed as a poster maker to help everyone to design stunning posters and flyer. And now it is upgraded to a more comprehensive graphic design software.


The tool allows you to accelerate the creative process to design flashy graphics for a business, event, social media or simply to give your projects personality, being possible to create any type of graphic design you need, for this you simply have to enter the category section located at the top and choose the most appropriate according to our needs.




This program is probably the best known online image editor. Canva has served as a benchmark for countless other similar services. It is partly free, but if you want to use all its features then you will have to subscribe to it. In exchange, you really have all the tools you need to caption your photos and make Instagram posts. Plus, it gets lots of templates to make your job easier.  




A similar service is represented by Crello, a masterpiece of the creators of a photo collection called Depositphotos. This service is specifically optimized for content creation on social media. We get a bunch of templates that are just a few clicks to customize to your expectations. We can change all attributes: images, text, colors, decorations. He plays everything with ease.


Being under the support of Depositphotos, it’s not too surprising that if you subscribe, you can use imagery from an extensive stock photo collection.




Snappa is another online editor straightforward to use. To use it for free, you will have to create an account, although there will be blocked functions if you do not pay a fee of $ 15 per month for a premium account.


Upon entering the application, the main interface lets you choose the social network for which you want to create in such a way that it offers us a series of predefined designs. Or, on the contrary, you can set your own dimensions and upload images instead of using the tool’s free photo bank.


It is very intuitive and once you have finished the design you can share it directly on social networks or download it to the computer.




FotoJet offers you a professional way to make an Instagram post but directly at the same time. It also allows you to create custom thumbnails by providing the necessary tools for editing.


To start using this program, you can first choose the image. For this, there is a huge variety in the library in the case of you has not your own pictures. Second, edit the template or image with all the editing tools and everything you need to customize. And ready to save!


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